Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast: A Daily Reader for Busy Parents and Their Children . . . and for Any Way-Busy Person

Spiritual reading that fits into your day

“[Francesca’s] writing has an economy of language that draws disparate threads together and weaves a new way of living.”—Scott Schulz

Available only from the author, here.



Share My Insanity:  It Improves Everything 
* Know your beauty. * Be free. * Fulfill your fantasies. * Self-Help meets Mad Hatter meets chaos theory . . . and a few recipes.

THE MODERN GODDESS’ GUIDE TO LIFE: How to be Absolutely Divine on a Daily Basis (Sourcebooks) is self-help humor. It is interfaith despite “goddess” in the title. If you look at the book, the reason becomes obvious.

The following Wiccan books are on this site instead of just on my Wiccan website because
1) Hey, they’re my books.
2) Many non-Wiccans read them. They are used in Unitarian Universalist study groups, for example.
3) Allow me a soapbox, and to say something personal. Inclusiveness and integration are pivotal to my spirituality. Wicca is one of the spiritual paths I practice. I bring all of me to everything I do, including this site (at least I try). Equally important is that many public figures who walk multiple spiritual paths do not tell the public that Wicca is one of them. Coming out of the broom closet is a personal choice. But unless some of us spiritual eclectics do so, Wicca will continue to be marginalized – – not fully included in the larger community’s spiritual and interfaith dialogues. For many of you, it goes without saying that I’d put Wicca on this interfaith site. But I love a soapbox.

The Ecstatic Goddess: Wild Meditations, Lyrical Rituals, and Earth Sexuality for the Pagan Heart is indie produced, indie culture.




Bardic Alchemy: Enchanted Tales about the Quest for God/dess and Self is a spoken word album, indie produced, indie culture.

Be a Goddess! A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex


Goddess Initiation: A Practical Celtic Program for Soul-Healing, Self-Fulfillment, and Wild Wisdom (HarperSanFrancisco)




Be a Teen Goddess! Magical Charms, Spells, and Wiccan Wisdom for the Wild Ride of Life (Citadel) 

If you’re looking for books by other authors, from all spiritual paths, check out my Wiccan website’s reading list. It’s not what most people think of as Wiccan. You might say that the Wicca I practice includes learning the great truths from as many spiritual paths as you find useful. Or you could just call me a Taoist witch shaman who talks to Jesus and has been told she’s probably Buddhist. Check it out.

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