What Constitutes Easy?

WhatIsEasyI have spent two and a half years preparing to move across country. It has not been easy.

When I told my spiritual advisor I wanted to move because I hate it here, she responded, “I don’t want you leaving till you’re happy there. I don’t want you running from something; I want you running toward something.”

The advice was sound, despite years of my working hard at being happy here. So I set about finding more happiness. Mind you, this place hadn’t made me completely forlorn. I’d had immense joy and self-fulfillment. And I’m aware that happiness is an inside job. There’s just a lot here I loathe. I needed to make peace with it.

A year later, I’d reached far greater contentment, acceptance, and fulfillment. I still hate it here, because it’s not a healthy nurturing environment for me, but my advisor said I’d done the needed work. I agree! No matter how much inner growth we achieve, some circumstances do not suit us, and we’re not spiritually mandated to stay in them.

I put a move into the works. It was going to be slow going, what with the multiple sclerosis. For example, I can’t pack boxes, so my caretakers did it, bit by bit, when they had time after washing the dishes, etc.

Move ahead a year and a half of pushing forward, despite illness. Last week, my house was days from be putting on the market. (Note: This blog was written first week of March. For the record, things have progressed since I wrote it. For example, I’ve taken more steps to overcome the challenges discussed.)

Long story short, two (not one but two!) major roadblocks to the move manifested last week. One involved a best friend throwing me under the bus. After a good cry, I called my realtor yesterday, and told her I need to delay showing the house for a week or so, while I figure out what to do.

I’m a person willing to face difficulties and take risks. I do not expect everything to be easy. But the sudden unforeseeable roadblocks created unhealthy risks, should I move. Not that I’m giving up the move. I’m just trying to figure things out. Unless God makes the road easier, by removing those two roadblocks, there’s too much risk.

Let me be clear, I’m no quitter. It took 10 years of starts and stops to produce my Goddess music album but, when it came out, SageWoman magazine dubbed it an album every Pagan should own. I’m good with follow through over the long haul.

I just need a little break, some clarity, and a smoother road. I need the move to, after all this work, become easy.

I prayed for a sign to guide me.

Ready for this? Here I am, my house days from being on the market, everything set up to showcase it, and my roof started leaking last night. What?!

It may need major repair. Plus, it leaked in the room that holds most of the packed boxes, so they had to be hauled into other rooms, messing up the lovely showcasing that took immense effort. Plus, I expect a bunch of repair guys today in muddy boots traipsing over my newly washed wall-to-wall carpeting.

Sometimes God’s messages are just too weird and too clear! God’s made it obvious my decision to delay putting the house on the market for a week or two is right.

But a leaking roof does not make things easy. Quite the opposite. After being emotionally thrown to the ground by someone I trusted more than almost anyone else on the planet, and everything else that happened this past week, last night’s drip drip drip so overwhelmed me that I felt devastated.

God, I wish You could’ve chosen a pleasant way to convey your message! I asked for a happy sign—some ease, a cleared path—not another burden. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know God doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, but it’s been an awful week.

I wrote this blog because writing is a way I find solutions. I also wrote it because I need the sense of camaraderie that occurs when we tell our problems.

I also wrote it in hopes that delineating current challenges would provide a spring board for me to create a positive message for you. If I’m going to blog about my angst, I try to use it as a jumping board to empower the reader and myself. But, when I got to this point in the blog, I thought, “I have nothing to offer a reader. I’m just an emotional basket case, who is angry at God.”

Then anger kicked in. That changed everything: I remembered I’m a warrior.

I remembered that Exu, a God who owns my head, is considered so dangerous that Brazilians will not put an altar to Him inside a house. He loves explosions.

I remembered the other African Deity who owns my head is Oxala. She clears the way with the power of a blizzard, the weight of a mountain, and the ease of talcum powder blown from my fingertip.

I remembered my magic is so strong that I earned the Faerie title Master of the Arts.

I remembered I’m a De Grandis, descended from a line of shamans bred for their psychic powers over centuries’ time. We are proud dragons wearing purple and aged leather.

I remembered I know so many secret magical techniques and powers—information near impossible to find—that one greed-ridden Pagan tradition goes to great lengths to discredit my knowledge, so they get students instead of me.

I remembered that, no matter how many spies they send to my home, they’ll only learn the smallest bit of my power, let alone glean the pure love that radiates from its center, making me unstoppable.

I thought, “Making things easy it’s not the same as being a doormat. God is showing me a clearing. One mighty blow from Thor’s hammer can sweep away obstacles, to make the path easy. As can one explosion from Exu, one snowstorm from Oxala.

But my Gods require one decisive spell from me. (They don’t usually require this before clearing the way. For reasons there is not space here to explain, my Gods require it now because of my current external factors and inner landscape.)

Keyword decisive. Long story short, decisiveness is dangerous in my current circumstances, unless my heart is pure, my intent free of wrongdoing intent.

Last week, someone told me the wall of thorns surrounding Sleeping Beauty could be penetrated by someone “of the purest intent…Those whose hearts were not so pure and whose intentions were less than honorable, found themselves snared in … vicious spines with their flesh torn.”

For months, I’ve hacked my way through the wall of thorns to get to the beauty of my new home. I ain’t stopping now! It’s time to further purify my heart. And then take the decisive act that will finally move through the thicket. It will be easy. Easy as one decisive exhalation of my breath. So mote it be!


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How to Choose a Teacher

Whether you want a teacher of magic, marketing, or anything else, check out these seven cautionary tips:

1) When a teacher has a site, consider the following. If the site’s graphics speak to your heart, the offerings sound perfect, the sales pitch is passionate, and the testimonials rock, that is great. I hope it describes my site! But it is not enough. The truth is in the pudding: Is there content on the site, such as a blog that helps you achieve your goals? If not, the classes may be just as empty.

FeatherSquareS2) “$3000 worth of services for only $200!” might represent a great buy. Or it can mislead. What’s the point in spending even $10 on a lot of stuff, if all of it is garbage?

3) Beware cheap and free offers. There are many good reasons people give freebies and low cost services. One reason I give freebies is that I adore my clients, LOL. But some folks’ low cost or gratis items and services are the same ol’ info and tools that never helped you reach your goals.

4) Look beyond credentials to the person and lineage behind them. Degrees and certification might represent immense knowledge and experience, or they might indicate nothing of value. Even some prestigious credentials are worthless. We’ve all seen curriculums that receive a lot of positive attention that is undeserved. Trust your fine mind and gut reaction to determine whether a teacher and their material are worthy of you; your opinions—not credentials—are the final measure.

5) Use common sense regarding negative feedback about the teacher. On the one hand, ignoring others’ experiences can lead you down a path that you later regret. On the other hand, the brightest lights often attract the most attacks, including outright lies. Note whether bad feedback hints at its writer being on an ego trip or having a hidden agenda.

For example, some publishers hire writers to write negative reviews about competitors’ books. I’ve read Amazon reader reviews that refer to remarks and premises in my books that are not actually in my books. The reviewers argue so cogently against what I supposedly said that, had I not known the book’s actual content, I would’ve thought I am a creep who writes dangerous texts. In the same vein, people who want to monopolize and control the conversation in whatever field they teach will slander other teachers; their sheep-like students pile on more slander.

6) Beware the teacher who says—or even implies—that your own insights and experiences are invalid or second rate compared to what she can give you. A good teacher respects your experiences and insights. Some teachers think they are the only gate to knowledge, power, and victory. Ick! Do not bow down to any Grand Poobah of magic, marketing, music, or other field of study! Yes, a teacher might have unique material not available elsewhere. But that is not the same as stating or even implying that other approaches, including their potential students’, are invalid. A good teacher shares her insights and techniques, while also honoring your own, and helping you both deepen them and find more of them.

7) The newest is not always the best. For example, new rhetoric can hide the same old useless—and even oppressive—tools and ideas. Trust time-tested material: Go with someone whose work you trust because you benefited from their books, blogs, or previous services.

Bottom line: Your time and money are precious. Don’t waste either on false promises, dubious bargains, manipulative web design, and haughty leaders.

Hmm, there is an additional bottom line. I do not want you, years from now, to suffer by looking back and thinking that, despite everything you’ve spent on innumerable “amazing” items and services, your life didn’t improve. There is no need to spend years frustrated, spinning your wheels.

Instead, use the above tips. You deserve someone who meets your needs and respects your worth.

If someone you love is looking for a teacher, please share this post with them to spare them heartbreakingly mediocre teachers and Grand Poobahs.


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2015 Faerie Beltane

Mayday2015#2BunnyNewsIf you cannot see the above graphics, here is their text:

Please join me for a May Day ritual, Sunday May 3, from 4:00 to 5:00 EST.

Mayday is a perfect time to find and honor joy. The World Tree blesses us with immense joy, if we can only discover it.

Mayday is a perfect time to become aware of and honor possibility. The World Tree blesses us with immense possibilities.

Ritual celebration aligns us with those possibilities, and in that alignment we become magical.

Come celebrate the magic around us and within us. Let it create joy, possibilities, abundance, and fulfillment for you.

The event is a group phone call. Free and open to all. (Your usual long-distance charges apply, and appear on your phone bill).

No experience needed.

To participate, call 1-712-775-7000. When prompted, enter 1095248#. Dial three to five minutes before 4:00; it can take a bit to connect, and latecomers are not allowed.


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Healing Warriors Event

Healing Warriors:
An Extraordinary Event for Extraordinary People, starts June.

Sixty-five years old, I’m healthier every year, and far (far!) more physically capable than when I became disabled in 2001.

Many people say my self-healing was miraculous, so I should teach my approach. Until now, I’d not taught it, despite my longing to, because most people won’t go to the lengths I did.

SigFancyExample: my physician said 70% of people with my problem never get back out of bed. It took me a year and a half to be able to sit.

That wasn’t a year and a half of passive waiting, but a year and half of aggressive physical therapy exercise.

However, most people get discouraged after a few months and stop trying.

Now I sit all day and do all sorts of other things again, too.

A second example: When I urge someone to be proactive about health, they usually respond, ‘Yes, I’m going to talk to my doctor about changing my meds.”‘

That response is telling. Being on top of your meds, instead of leaving them entirely to the doctor, is vital. But usually people who give me that response believe it’s the sum total of proactivity.

They’re leaving their health entirely in the hands of medication, instead of medication being part of total self-care, which includes diet, lifestyle, spiritual shifts, etc.

So I didn’t teach the methods that kept me alive (yes, alive!) and thriving(!), because they’re not suitable to most people.

But today, I remembered I don’t teach “most people.” My clients are exceptional.

Do you have health challenges? Join this group for people committed to health. I’m finally willing to share what I did to heal myself.

It is multifaceted. Here’s what you get, in this three month healing:

SigilMini11) Long distance shamanic treatments, for body and soul: this is easy for you; you don’t have to do anything—not even attend an event—for the treatments to work. I do the work for you.

Being proactive doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You receive a shamanic treatment three days a week, for three months. The treatment shapes itself to your needs—healing and strengthening you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Ongoing blessings!

Intimated by the idea of doing everything needed to be healthy? Taking action on the mundane plane (e.g., diet change or stress reduction), plus making relevant spiritual shifts, is a lot!

I understand the challenge. Moving toward death, I was so weak I needed someone to write my checks to pay bills (online billing was nonexistent or new). Now I have another 20 years in me! It seems miraculous to me that I type again, put pen to paper again, go for walks, lift my cat up to cuddle her.

You can take responsibility for your health, because along with everything else it does, the shamanic treatment will constantly fortify you.

SigilMini22) Tribe meetings, by phone. In healing circles, you’ll learn the unique rituals and insights I channeled to heal myself. They empower you to
* Be a warrior who fights for your health.
* Recognize when you should stop fighting,
* and relax instead so you allow healing.
* Heal according to your unique problems and personality.
* Bring forth innate powers and wisdom that you might not apply enough.

Also receive personal attention. During tribe meetings, I’ll individualize my healing methods: you’ll learn psychic techniques tailored to your specific self-healing needs. I’ll also intuit A) the spiritual underpinnings of your health problem and B) methods to shift those underpinnings.

The group meets every other week, for an hour, by group phone call, for a total of seven meetings. Simply dial the phone to participate.

We meet alternate Thursdays, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM EST, starting Thursday June 4. Reserve Thursday, Sept 3 same time, for a makeup class in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

(Shamanic treatments start June 1, a few days before class, to begin our healing and empowerment before we even gather.)

SigilMini3 3) Inspiration Escalation: On weeks without tribe meetings, a quick-to-read email keeps you motivated.

SigilMini1 4) Full color digital talisman, geared specifically to your healing and empowerment. February, I started painting symbols for this event, to have enough time to create quality work. I’ll keep painting—truly original pieces—until about a month into our healing journey, then email your talisman to you as a JPEG.

Here is one of the jpegs. To see its fine detail, instead of a blurred version, click on it:


I’m painting in trance, so my Gods create the pictures. When enrollment’s complete, I’ll ask Them which painting is exactly right for you. (I retain full copyright of my art. Commercial use of the piece is available at additional cost.)

I magically activate each painting. The email includes instructions to receive the symbol’s blessings almost effortlessly.

Creating the health we deserve requires something huge. So I’m offering you something huge! I’ll go to major lengths for your healing, because you were born to live fully, not deprived by poor health.

SigilMini25) Free gift: Limited Edition Art Prints (if you have a U.S. nonmilitary shipping address).

I’m so committed to your health that I’m adding a fifth empowerment. Well, actually, it’s three! I choose three of my paintings to send you—limited first edition prints, numbered and signed by me. This would usually cost $114!

These channeled paintings are sacred artifacts, sent to you with a statement of the specific blessings each bestows, plus easy instructions on how to receive these blessings.

I’ll accept sixteen people into this group.

Pay securely with PayPal, with two options. Both are big savings:

Option 1) Choose three easy, automatic monthly payments of $170. Total cost: $510. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. This option is available if you have a PayPal account. Use the Subscribe button.

Option 2) Pay all up front to save $100. Total cost: $410. You don’t need a PayPal account. Use the Pay Now button.

You might pay long-distance charges to call the event’s number (a U.S. area code), depending on your long-distance plan. Charges would appear on your phone bill.

Upon payment, your place is reserved, and I email you event phone number, etc. Refunds unavailable. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, call 814-337-2490. I do not discuss this work by email.

This three month process can be used as one of the electives needed before advanced Third Road training.

No experience needed. But adepts are deeply impacted.

Get support to take care of you. We will do this! You can achieve maximum health. Enroll now.


This event does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. Francesca’s approach is extraordinarily effective, but might not work for some individuals.

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Phoenix Pendant

Rommy, check out the pic below. I had my painting of a Phoenix laser-engraved on wood, to make a pendant.

This is not something I will sell. I wanted to wear my painting as a pendant for so long, but couldn’t find an economically viable way that was also aesthetically pleasing. Finally found Deborah Ross, who did this custom work for me, beautifully and affordably.

You’ve said you love this painting of mine so many times that I had a second pendant made, in case you want it. It would be a gift, not a purchase.


I want this pendant going to the right person. So let me know if you feels like it’s “yours.” If not, I won’t be offended. I’ll just know it belongs to someone else. And I’ll give you a gift someday that suits you better, LOL!

If you’re not good at crafts, so can’t do it yourself, I’ll make a pretty metal loopy thing that I’ll put through the hole at the top of the pendant, so you can hang it on a chain, leather cord, or whatever you prefer.

The bird is patterned on two traditionally painted wooden boxes that, during my childhood, were possibly some of my favorite things in the whole house: their sincere and evocative beauty stood out in a decor that, in a lot of ways, was 1950s bland. As far as I know, my father brought them back after World War II. I don’t know where he got them, perhaps Germany. There were birds on the boxes.

Blessed be.


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Faerie Shamanism Class

Faerie Shamanism—An Ecstatic Path
Seven-Week Teleseminar, 2015

Curriculum includes ecstatic ritual, Faerie wisdom, theoretical basics of Celtic Faerie Shamanism, and some of its more complex aspects.

The Generous Sun, Francesca De Grandis, 2013

The Generous Sun, by Francesca De Grandis, 2012

Receive material to help you discover or deepen your Fey magic: Celtic Faerie Shamanism expresses itself differently in every practitioner. My job as a teacher is to help you build that personal expression, while I also offer techniques for your magical tool box.

Are you on a unique journey? The Faerie Shamanism class steadies your feet.

Also learn training practices and moral stances that increase pleasure. Gain the material satisfactions of an ecstatic practitioner and embrace wholeness, without being snared by addictions or illusions.

Suitable to complete novices, yet adepts learn material suited to them.

An Ecstatic Path is Third Road material (AKA channeled by moi, through rigorous yet joyful efforts) and a prerequisite for advanced Third Road training.

Classes are group phone meetings: just dial the phone to participate.

SunnyDotThe group meets seven consecutive Tuesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 PM EST, starting Tuesday, April 21. Reserve Tues June 9, same time, for a makeup class in case I am unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

SunnyDotTuition is $250. Pay half price, if you’ve taken this class before. You might also pay long-distance charges; it depends on your long-distance plan; charges appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #.

SunnyDotClick here to enroll. Or pay by check. Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone #, etc., emailed to you. No refunds. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call me: 814-337-2490.

Long for ecstatic experience? Or enjoy life full-tilt but want to take it up a notch? Faerie Shamanism—An Ecstatic Path provides experiential wisdom-lessons available nowhere else. Click here to enroll now.

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Protected: Blessing You

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Try the Doors

TryDoorsMore about my recovery from falling down the hole: Phoenix Rebirth at http://stardrenched.com/2014/02/05/phoenix-resurrection/


If you cannot view the above graphics:

Long term trauma, shamanism, bodhisattvas. Alice down the rabbit hole sees a tiny door. Hear me when I say, “You will triumph.”

If trauma is the door to shamanism, can long-term trauma make you a bodhisattva?

Yes, I made a joke. But not entirely.

What doors do you neglect?

What door is in front of you right this second?

If it is inaccessibly small, like the wee door Alice found after tumbling down the rabbit hole, search for a way through it.

No matter what’s happening, I urge you, do what you can, even if that is simply holding on for dear life, despite hopelessness. Holding on is a door.

If you try many doors, you will get through enough of them, and you will triumph. Hear those word: You will triumph.

I know this because I fell down the rabbit hole.———————————————————————————————

I hope you sign up for my newsletter, because I am all about sharing the journey with fellow star-dusted travelers. Yes! Here is the link: http://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/

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Pagan Arrogance?

There is immense spiritual arrogance in mainstream religion. Embraced by the reassuring comfort of a religion endorsed by millions, mainstream adherents can easily think they know the one true way. That same comfortable situation can cause their clergy to disdain alternative priesthood.

But enormous spiritual arrogance can happen almost as easily when you’re in an alternative religion or have your own unique spiritual path.

For example, developing psychic gifts can be so powerful and freeing that it might seem no one else could possibly have such an extreme or stunningly beautiful experience. That can be a jumping off point for feeling superior to others. I’ve seen a lot of people talk down to friends and otherwise become pompous after developing otherworldly talents.

When I was younger, I fell prey to it myself. Youthful arrogance!

Now I feel differently. And while I’m not proposing to be a perfect role model, it helps us when we tell each other what attitudes have worked for us. So here’s one:

I give what I call shamanic treatments. In other words, I send you a healing and empowerment of your body and of your spirit.

I do not give shamanic treatments from the perspective of “I am so much better than everybody else, me on high, deigning to send you blessing.”

Instead. I know treatments are not something I do, but something that comes through me. I do not know why the Gods chose me for this. After all, I am just me, not somebody superior to others.

Also, during a treatment, hard work regarding my own spiritual growth might be required. This helps keep me from thinking I’m better than other people. In other words, being willing to face one’s faults can mitigate arrogance.

It is also useful to recognize if you are lacking self confidence or self esteem, because when we do not have a healthy ego, we might overcompensate with unhealthy ego.

It is sad when seekers fall for counselors, teachers, or other guides whose message is, “I’m better than you. But if you let me dominate you, I’ll teach you how to be superior to everyone else.”

Of course, it’s not worded that overtly. Instead, you might see sly attempts to make other guides appear mediocre, through remarks like, “They do not have any real power, come to me for the real thing.”

An arrogant practitioner, perhaps without even realizing it, might also make a sales pitch that subtly caters to poor self-worth. For example, their words might imply you’re pitiful and damaged, needing the help of a superior being.

As a young shaman, I did feel superior to my clients, in some ways. That pomposity was isolating. It kept me from receiving the endless blessings I now receive from my clients.

Lucky for me, I was always somewhat aware that my clients are my peers and amazing fellow seekers. Luckier still, now that I recognize that camaraderie better, I get as much from them as they do from me.

Arrogance can be subtle, making it difficult to spot not just in others but also in ourselves. Example: having shrunken your swollen head to a fair degree can make you miss your remaining way-too-big hat size.

But if we pray or affirm, “May I recognize my arrogance. May it be replaced with self-worth,” and we continue self-examination, as well as working on self-worth, we can lessen our haughtiness.

I adore alternative spiritual communities. Our loving, new approaches can shift the cosmos. If we each look inside for our own arrogance, and not fall for marketing that caters to our insecurities, we can make a better world.

For more info about my shamanic treatments, go here.

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Pastoral Counseling—Pagan Style

Update: This class has been rescheduled with a new time: It will start March 31 and meet 3:00 EST Tuesdays. Scroll down for schedule details.

Pastoral Counseling—Pagan Style
A Teleseminar in Shamanic Counseling Skills

This is not training in psychic-reading. It is far beyond. Learn universal principles that anyone can use to counsel.

As a professional psychic, raised by a Sicilian witch, I’ll share what I’ve learned, including techniques only spoken of among pros.

FeatherSquareSMaybe people confide in you and, without any training, you know how to respond. Or you’re trained in psychology. Or you read tarot—with or without training in it —or you priest(ess) a coven. Or you have another reason that this class is relevant. Come join other concerned, caring people for support and community!

This unique seminar is of special interest to healers. Click here to enroll.

Learn the techniques, strengths, and limits of the witch as spiritual advisor, as well as rituals and meditations to heal friends and clients, and to help them follow their star.

We’ll discuss Shamanic counseling methods to guide people through life’s everyday challenges, as well as secrets shamans use to heal alcoholism, heartbreak, and trauma.

You’ll discover how to:
* Practice traditional shamanic counseling, as opposed to a psychologically or Christian-based mode.
* Gain confidence in your priesthood, innate powers, and wisdom.
* Be the high caliber spiritual guide that people want to go to.
* Express the hope and inspiration of your inner Goddess or God.
* Better apply your existing tools to help friends and clients.
* Reap self-fulfillment, joy, spiritual depth, and self-healing by serving others.

Suited to all levels of experience: accessible to newbies, yet adepts experience depth.

Pastoral Counseling, Pagan Style is a training unto itself; it also serves as one of the electives needed before advanced Third Road training.

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts
* Enrollment limited to 16 participants.
* Class meets by group phone call. Participate simply by dialing the phone.
* We meet seven consecutive Tuesdays for one hour, from 3:00 to 4:00 EST, starting Tues March 31. Reserve Tuesday, May 19, same time, for a makeup class in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.
* Tuition is $250. You might also pay long-distance charges to call the event’s number (a U.S. area code), depending on your long-distance plan. Charges would appear on your phone bill.
* To enroll, click here.
* or if you’ve taken this teleseminar, you can repeat it at half price: $125.
* Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone number, etc is emailed to you. Refunds unavailable.

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

For more info, or to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, payment plan, or a trade, call 814-337-2490. I’ll talk as long as you need by phone, but don’t email me.

Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman: “Francesca De Grandis has given us an inspirational bridge between ancient wisdom and our current life.”

Patricia Sullivan, Director of Clinical Services for U.C.S.F. AIDS Health Project: “Training with Francesca has had a significant impact on my work as a therapist, teacher, and administrator working within the HIV epidemic.”

Cathy: “Francesca, Thanks for the spiritual counseling and support. I’ve gone to many different “spiritual advisors” and gotten lots of junk. Everything I got from you was pure quality and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to another session, Cathy”

I’m guessing it’s been about four years since I’ve taught this. It may be another four years before I teach it again, so grab this opportunity. Click here to enroll.


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