It would not be a Faerie Thanksgiving unless there was some out and out mysticism to stoke the embers of our fey souls.Gratitude



My generous Gods, thank you.

The colors in outer space
always take my breath away;
they sing to my fey soul.

The colors in outer space
are my palette (and palate).
With it, I can paint
the entire cosmos,
all my cells,
and my cherished Gods.

May my paintings and poems be honest.

Click here to learn about the Faerie Ritual Set:

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Finding the Spiritual Center of My Art
AKA I’m Giving Up Fabric Painting

The past four years have been an amazing journey for me as an artist. It’s been a time of exploration and finding the spiritual center of my art.

BeautyMoi2OB2010, I found out I can draw ‘n’ paint, and started painting on cloth. (Click here for that story.)

Previously, I’d enjoyed making talismanic jewelry, but decided to paint instead, because I enjoyed it even more.

For me, it’s important that art is functional. Talisman jewelry fit the bill. Then fabric art did too; for example, I made altar cloths.

So why am I moving away from fabric painting?

My art studio was without heat during a long freezing winter. That was the tip of a synchronistic iceberg. Long story short, my Gods made it clear, through one mind boggling event after another, that it was time to do something different as an artist.

I am blessed that my fabric art sells. In this economy, it’s hard to leave behind that source of income. But, if I forged on with it, I know the income from it would evaporate, as further reinforcement of my Gods’ message that I should move onto my next creative stage. Heh, my Gods communicate in an utterly clear way when I get stubborn.

2ndYuleWrth1EditedOBI have no regrets about doing fabric art for four years. It was a joyful way to learn to draw and paint. I made myself and other people beautiful items that have spiritual meaning. For four years, I joyfully experienced meditative immersion in paints, dyes, and silks. But self-expression requires admitting when an art form is no longer working.

The freezing studio and other road blocks to fabric painting affirmed a longing that had been growing in me a long time:

I want my painting to be more closely aligned with the rest of my shamanic work. Yes, my fabric art and jewelry, etc., are expressions of my shamanism—e.g., I transmit blessings by making an altar cloth or wearable talismanic art. But I want to tie it ALL together—the blessings, my teaching, my counseling, my art. Digital art suits this to a T, at least for me.

So now I’m focusing on digital art, which I’d started shortly after fabric art. Even when I first tried digital art, I found it organically integrated directly into all the rest of my shamanism. Now I want to focus on that!

One of my first ways to integrate it all together is the Faerie Ritual Set: For Spells, Divination, Soul Journeying, and More. E.g., The set has a magical training in it, along with prints of my digital art that are central to the magic.

Sampler of art by Francesca De Grandis,  from the Book of Shadows in the Faerie Rifual Set

To see details, click on this sampler of Francesca De Grandis’s art from the Faerie Ritual Set Book of Shadows.

The Faerie Ritual Set proved to me how much I want all expressions of my shamanism together, in the strongest possible weave. Creating the set made my heart sing, and using the set myself curls my toes! :-)

I’m grateful my Gods gave such clear guidance, so fabric art does not distract me from this more integrative process. Following my heart is improving how I serve my wonderful community as a shaman.

That wraps up my discussion about finding the spiritual center of my art, but I want you to know that important pieces of my fabric art and talismanic jewelry are still available. If you liked that phase of my art, it’s not too late to acquire pieces.

Some of the remaining items are in my shop, and I’ll add another one every day: Check daily for these shamanic artifacts, while they last, because they support your unique journey. Blessed be.

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Artists Like Money


SMI Button

Artists like money.

We’re different from other people, who are above such minor considerations.


Crazy like a fox? Share my insanity. Click here.

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Creativity and Trust

Trusting the creative process, with all its starts and halts, confusions and contusions, is challenging. But it is needed to make visions come true.

We embody that trust by going with the flow; it pours from Divine Source, ensuring our creativity bear fruit. This lesson was brought home to me recently, while working on two major projects simultaneously.

This was a big undertaking. The last time I’d focused on two major (non-oral-tradition) projects simultaneously was 1998, releasing Be a Goddess! and my music album within a year of each other.

One of the new projects is a book, yet to be released. The other is the Faerie Ritual Set. My hope was to release both within six months of each other.

I’d gone back-and-forth between the two projects for a long time. When I needed a break from one of them, or one was with a friend for a critique, or whatever, I switched. I often worked on one in the background while truly focusing on the other.

Then I got a bad cold for a whole month, at a critical time—close to the book’s holiday release date. (Originally, the book was going to be released before the Faerie Ritual Set.) The month delay made a holiday release impossible. I decided an early spring release would still be ok.

So then I finished the book’s close-to-final-draft, and sent it to someone for pivotal final feedback. The project got delayed with him. Here is where I learned my lesson.

FRS_DetailAt first, his delay gave me the chance to catch up on rest and tidy my office. But continuing to wait would have created too long an empty time. Of course, emptiness can be awesome. Sometimes, the Universe halts our plans because we need to face the void or get rest or play with our pets or … (those are all part of the creative process). But this was not one of those times: My gut wisdom told me I had to move ahead.

But I couldn’t work on the Faerie Ritual Set, because it was in final stages, the immense creative elements of which I could not wrap my brain around while still mentally holding details about the impending final push on the book. A brain can only hold so much.

Argh, the book was almost done! It was my precious baby—the thought of stopping right at the finish line ripped at my heart.

I faced a choice. Should I whine and shake my fist at the sky, while stomping about in the remains of ruined plans? Should I continue to wait and waste months of my life?

Or should I trust the creative process, and go with the flow? Should I embody that trust—and flow—by finding a way to be productive, serving community instead of feeling miserably blocked, impaled by my navel-gazing about the trials of a creative personality?

It is easy to get lost in frustration, because creating is difficult in many ways. But all my hard work was no excuse for moping around waiting for the impossible! I temporarily forsook the book and finished up the Faerie Ritual Set.

It was just released. It exists, it is spectacular, and it is helping people. None of that would be true, if I had railed against the flow endlessly. The Faerie Ritual Set, too, is my baby—it wanted my attention, and it is thriving.

Yup, going with the flow embodies trust in the creative process. But we have to know what that actually look like in real life. Well, it can manifest in many (contradictory) ways. My tale illustrates three:

1) We might need to plow on, producing something useful to our community.

2) We might need to stop work for self-care, e.g., naps to get over a cold (or a vid binge when our brains stop functioning, LOL).

3) We might need to stick to a project over the longterm, which allows us to back away now and then: The book may be delayed until 2016. I’ve decided to move back to California. All the work of moving, along with my wonderfully full schedule of clients and students, are enough on my plate, for now. But the notes needed to finish the book are ready, and I will be too.

Naps. Hard work. Vid binges. A moratorium on moping. Getting work done when other work was not possible. These acts allowed me to feel incredible fulfillment through creating the Faerie Ritual Set. I will birth the book too, when its time comes.


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I Do Not Seek War, But Dappled Light

ButDappledI Do Not Seek War, But Dappled Light

I see dappled light and go to rest in it. I am fierce, when needed. I live a warrior’s life, so know to seek peace when at all possible. There’s glory in war, but I do not seek war, only the glory that is mine for fighting well. I ignore petty jibes of a would-be warrior who longs for fights to distract himself from his own poor stature of spirit. Or who antagonizes others in hopes of stealing their position or their goods.

When I fight, I fight with clear conscience, and so can be ruthless in my tactics and my aim. I long for the day when I never fight again. But it will not happen until I reside in the Western Isle. This life has demanded I be a warrior though, in fact, I don’t have a warrior nature. I am a healer, a spiritual guide, a pagan artisan, a Faerie poet, a sensual baker, a gardener. I honed my fighting skills, studying with masters, to protect my healing work, my tribe, my culture, my hearth, and my herbs.

After battle, I revel in flowers that rain down on me in victory parades; I laugh, hugging the bard who improvises songs about my feats; and I boast of my prowess, pointing out my numbers and bravery. So I recognize when a claim of ferocity is not honest warrior bragging, but frightened posing by someone who may not even realize he feels powerless. I honor his fears, and might even protect him. But I recognize the danger: He will be quick to lash out at supposed injury or non-existent threat. Yes, I ignore his petty jibes; I ignore his antagonizing.

I see dappled light and find peace in it. Goddess, bless me.
I am not a pacifist, but a warrior who prefers peace. Over decades—and lifetimes—of battle, I evolved a warrior philosophy for my personal use. The above piece represents part of it. To learn more of this philosophy and related battle skills, take the Third Road Spiritual Warrior class. To be notified when the class happens, sign up on my mailing list at

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Upcoming Shamanic Event

I Have Your Back:
A Three-Month Direct Spiritual Transmission,

starting August 25, 2014

EglThumbnailFor three months, you receive continual support: The transmission shapes itself to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Your whole being (body and soul) and circumstances receive constant blessings.

For three months, I am your shaman.

It is easy to receive this transmission. You do not have to attend an event or do any work. Just sign up for the transmission, and I do the work for you!

imageEven if you’re a shaman yourself, you deserve someone who has your back—a constant ally.

No experience needed. But adepts are deeply impacted.

I send you this spiritual transmission five days a week, every week for three months! This is big, big, big! Whether you have already made many changes for the better, or are only beginning to improve your life, you are capable of big shifts right now.

You have dreams,
and may have means,
but work I do
will help you too.
I give an extra boost that helps
you soar, survive,
then soar some more
despite huge flights you’ve had—or not—before.

Utter peace, compassion, and empowerment permeate every atom of existence, and are available for you to receive and give.

Pay securely with PayPal.

Option 1) Choose three easy, automatic monthly payments of $150. Your total cost: $450. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. This option is available if you have a PayPal account. Use the Subscribe button.

Option 2) Pay all up front to save $100. Your total cost: $350. You do not need a PayPal account. Use the Pay Now button.

Either payment choice constitutes enormous savings. Talk advantage of this special event. Imagine having shamanic support tailored to you throughout the week for three months!

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration.

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

If you need more info, can’t afford payment, or need reduced payment, phone me. 814.337.2490. I do not discuss this work by email. No refunds.

Again, it starts Aug 25.

A direct spiritual transmission does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This spiritual treatment is extraordinarily effective, but may not work for some individuals.

Whatever’s bubbling up for you, no matter how many things, this shamanic work will meet, greet, and magic it all. Do this now. I can only accept fifteen people into this empowerment process.


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Social Media Scenario


SMI Button

Social Media Scenario

Ever seen the following between relative strangers, online?

Person A: “I’m scared!”

Person B: “Yes, life is scary sometimes. But I bet you have inner resources to overcome your fear.”

Person A: “Wah! Person B is mean! They told me life is terrible. They’re living in their fear. I’m not like that. I am free of fear and positive about life.”

Person B (silently): “Sigh.”

Person A: “You know what else Person B did? (Insert additional shadow projections here.)”

Person B walks away to cook dinner.

Person A: “I will pray for Person B because she is un-evolved… (Silently–>) Hmm, I better find someone else’s blog to plagiarize instead of Person B’s, before she catches on.”

Person B is having great sex.

Person A (subconsciously:) “I better post more lies about Person B, so no one believes her if she does catch onto my plagiarism.”

Person B is asleep in bed, dreaming of golden light and magic mist.


Crazy like a fox? Share my insanity. Click here.

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Art + Writing = Magic

I’m often asked about my process as an artist. Ditto as a writer. So today I’ll discuss how they intertwined in one of my books, Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast.

Parents had told me about their hard time finding life tools for their kids to deal with our crazy world, e.g., school cliques, as well as an earth spirituality worldview that would also help their kids with such challenges. As part of this, the parents wanted simple relevant magics for their children.

So I decided to write a book to cover all that. But when choosing what sort of book to write, I try to make it as multifaceted as possible so that it is of maximum use. I spend a lot of time meditating on the best approach, as well as brainstorming with friends.

This led me to think about many parents being overly busy. I decided the book should be a 365: Parents could do just a tiny bit each day, which is a manageable way to teach earth-spirituality, life tools, and simple magics.

The next challenge was how to make this book concise but still deep and relevant. Coming up with life tools for children is no small undertaking.

FrontCoverMore meditation led me to remember that one of my creative blocks is not recognizing what I’ve already accomplished and instead thinking I have to start all over. I remembered I’d already spent years creating life tools and a grounded philosophy, and also endlessly boiling down those sophisticated concepts into short accessible phrases. I love ideas and words-smithing!

It may seem odd that all the work I’d done did not come to mind initially. But, like I said, forgetting what I’ve already done is a creative block I have.

Mind you, I still needed to do an immense amount of writing, but some rough material already existed.

From what I’ve written above, you can see an important part of my creative process is taking my time. That allows things to develop fully.

In fact, another step was that my really high ideals gave me a nagging feeling I could add even more value to the book.

Continued meditation and brainstorming with parents made me see another pivotal support my friends needed: I wanted the book’s daily entries to nurture their offspring while simultaneously giving daily spiritual nurture to the parents.

Yup, this book needed to be complex yet easy and accessible.

At which point I realized the text would be great for ANY way-busy person who wants magical, loving days. Hence the last part of the book’s title. Here is the full title:

Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast: A Daily Reader for Busy Parents and Their Children . . . and for Any Way-Busy Person.

(The daily entry is usually brief—often only a sentence or two. And hence the front cover’s tag line: “Spiritual reading that fits into your day.”)

Patiently allowing things to develop, so I could bit by bit develop a vision of the project (and following through by working my butt off, LOL) resulted in a book I can be proud of.

I should add that self-publishing the book allowed me to make it truly multifaceted. Though I have been blessed that major houses and other established houses have published some of my very complex books, they have rejected twice as many as they accepted. I even got a rejection letter that said, “This book is too multifaceted. We could never get our executives to market it.” (I framed the rejection.)

Next, let’s look at where visual art wove into Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast. I wanted this book’s visual sensibility to suggest an ancient text discovered in a forgotten attic (but with a modern revisioning), so the pages would convey magic not just through their words but through their looks.

I love mystical, archaic texts, with their differently sized and shaped black-and-white ornamentations. I didn’t want my book to have the modern look of all identical pages or pages whose graphics always fit the same space. I wanted the old-fashioned look of each page being different.

So I learned to do layout and painted ornamentation for almost every page, all my original art. The ornamentations are different shapes and sizes. For each to fit into its page and to give each page a different feel, I had to lay out most pages individually.

It was a lot of work but it felt really important. I’d taken enormous care with the book’s text, honing concepts and language for years, and felt the book’s visual aspect should mirror that, and add another dimension of care, love, and magic to the project.

Also, both the title Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast and a daily mystical reading imply that spirituality and magic are part of life, not separate. I wanted the visual look of the book to convey that integration, because some folks learn from images, not just from words. The integration of lessons that fit gently into your day, instead of lessons that propose an unrealistic amount of spiritual and magical progress, allow us to actually move ahead and make positive changes.

One of the great things about taking a lot of effort with a project is that you learn a lot. You always keep growing.

Having learned so much about layout and ornamentation from doing Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast, I’m self-publishing another book soon which I’ve been able to ornament far more elaborately and in full color. I am really jazzed about the magical power of its ornamentation.

Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast is for pagan family reading, UUs, and alternative thinkers.

Please let me know what you think about this post.

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CoverFinalFaerie Ritual Set:
For Spells, Divination, Soul Journeying, and More

Self-paced and self-led Faerie ritual training, with required magical artifacts.


Imagine walking in the forest. The sky suddenly brightens. It feels like … magic. You sense a portal has opened. An adventure is beginning.

You notice, up ahead, a proud tree. Under it, something glows. You approach. You pick up the shining object.

It is a small bundle … a packet of mystical pictures … not laminated like tarot or playing cards. These clearly aren’t for shuffling or careless handling … no, these are treasure! Magical gems. All of them are quality fine art prints.

With them is a Book of Shadows—beautiful, talismanic, evocative.


The Faerie Ritual Set consists of
* 16 original fine art prints
* a shamanic training program, in a lovely ornamented digital file.

Each art print is a fey-touched talisman you can use as a magical tool. The training manual explains how. It is a Book of Shadows with lessons specially for the Faerie Ritual Set. For:
* Divination
* Contemplation
* Divine Guidance
* Spiritual journeying
* Spellcasting
* Talismans
* Affirmations
* YearWheel work, both Sabbats and the four seasons
* Esoteric exploration

Total cost for sixteen spiritual artifacts and digital Book of Shadows: $260.

Buy now and receive a hand-made portfolio to protect prints between uses.


The Fine Art Prints

This talismanic art evokes your own personal wisdoms and interpretations, while nurturing an inner power journey that is specifically yours.

I bless each set. To ensure quality images, I also personally print the art prints. Printing every batch is time-intensive. This is an act of love.

To respect your spiritual journey, prints are 5 x 7” (printed area is 6 x 4.5”) instead of the smaller tarot cards size. This provides large clear images you can really connect with and explore.

Prints arrive with documentation certifying your set as part of a limited first edition of 500 sets.

The following thumbnails of the sixteen art prints can’t do justice to their complex beauty and crisp detail but do convey a bit of their rich mystery, thematic depth, and unique magic.


Your art prints will not have my URL plastered all over them, LOL.


The Set’s Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows (aka training manual) is a PDF file sent you via email.

This in-depth metaphysical, spiritual, and magical exploration of sixteen multifaceted ritual tools and their uses is packed into 14,500 words—69 pages.

The Faerie Ritual Set is easy and simple. The manual’s instruction are clear and concise. You can start doing magic almost instantly.

Quick rites that fit into a busy day.

Beginners and advanced practitioners both thrive in this training.

Lifelong applications, addressing most concerns. Examples: career * creativity * Health of body and spirit * Protection * Romance * Transitions * childbirth * confidence * the Fey Folk * relationship with Divinity *


You Are Special

Lessons don’t limit you to set teachings or set energy patterns. The training nurtures your own magical style.

These teachings are not for everyone. I won’t tailor my work to get more buyers. I write, paint, and teach for those I feel walking shoulder-to-shoulder with me, whether I ever meet them. We don’t have identical journeys, but we are kindred spirits.

In your specialness, you’ll discover layer after layer of the Faerie Ritual Set.


Created with Care and Imbued with Blessings

The Book of Shadows is talismanic art unto itself, every page ornamented, all my original designs: To make a beautiful, enchanted reading experience for you, I painted page ornanmentations. I also added elements of the sixteen original paintings for additional ornamental magic. In fastidious attention to mystical aesthetics, every page was laid out individually by moi. From my Fey heart to yours.

Examples of graphics:
* This post’s opening picture is the first page of the manual.
* See the following two pictures.



An extraordinary package deal:

* Own sixteen fine art prints that are fey-touched and printed on the stunning ultra-quality glossy paper I’ve used for my other limited edition art prints.

* Learn a magical system that took immense expertise to develop, construct a training for, and write up.

* Immerse yourself in beauty, with a digital instructional document painstakingly ornamented with its author original art that embellishes your mystical reading journey!

* Invest in a limited first edition set.

* Buy now to receive gift: an elegant hand-made folder that protects prints between uses.


For Clarity

1) If you’re unclear about my limited editions: Each print in the set is also available individually ($38 per) as a limited first edition 9.5 x 7″ whereas the Faerie Ritual Set is a limited first edition set comprised of sixteen 5 x 7” prints and their ritual instructions. (Contact me for purchase info about the 9.5 x 7″ individual prints.)

2) This series of sixteen paintings was initially called YearWheel Magic, but the paintings’ uses aren’t limited by season; each piece represents eternal truths, which the manual explores.


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Filigree Fantasy, Pt Two

This is blog part two on my new hobby: making fantasy jewelry from Victorian-styled and other vintage-style components.

Thank you for your supportive feedback on my first post about this. I feel encouraged to keep trying.

I was gonna make this stuff for me and a few friends only, but after your feedback, I might sell some eventually. Thanks muchly!

Today, I’m posting more of my initial designs—my beginner’s attempts—and sharing my creative process.

This is not a how-to. My designs are copyrighted.

Sharing my process may be more useful for you, to help you plan your own designs. You’ll love working with vintage-style components.

I’m sharing lots of my experiences today because I think, when we speak about our creative process, we help each other.

The piece in the first two pics is called Faerie Queen. The most recent I have a photo of, it’s also the first I feel is structurally sound, so I’m getting closer to making pieces to sell. (More below about needing to finesse some structural problems before I will sell this sort of jewelry.)

FaerieQueen2Unless noted otherwise, all the amazing metal components in these pics were purchased from Susan Street at Design your own pieces, with Susan’s great supplies.

Willie, note the vintage glass Japanese rose in the necklace. It is the one I’d said I would send you some of. It has a little hole in which I set a Swarovski rhinestone.

Willie, you sent me the green glass square!

(Willie Zuniga, bless her heart, surprised me with a gift of glass “gems,” gorgeous vintage buttons, and more. I’ve been busy coming up with ideas for this bounty.)

Constructing jewelry from metal components does not come naturally to me, the way fine-art freeform beadweaving does.

My learning disability makes this sort of work hard (but does not impact beadweaving), so it’s been a struggle making these pieces, technically speaking. You can imagine, therefore, that any praise thrilled me.

Most of the feedback is not here, since much of it happened in social media, so here is one example: Susan Street, a master at this sort of jewelry making, posted on her Facebook page, “Francesca tells me that she is a beginner. I would say that she was born for this. … beautiful work.”

Nope, not born for it, far from it, LOL. But soooo thrilled you think my work looks that way.

Bead weaving develops very different skills than needed for this work. (If I become adept at using metal components, I might combine the two approaches.)

VictorianCabHere’s an example of my beadweaving designs for comparison.

Creating new designs and figuring out technically how to implement them is taking lots of trial and error—I have to keep rethinking the construction. It’s been time-intensive.

But getting experience through experimenting suits me. As a hands-on learner, I figure out more about achieving the looks I want every time I attempt making a piece.

Do not let my challenges discourage you from trying your hand at using components—it would’ve been easy if I’d started by making simple items. I dived in at the deep end of the pool, wanting to wear elaborate pieces.

Start with simple stuff!

If you want a tutorial with simple earrings you can make, let me know.

The next piece, called Green Soul, gave me trouble. For one thing, it swings around to show its back. I do not mind, but don’t want that for my customers. (Yay, since then, I figured out how to create pieces that do not swing around.)


Since my personal learning style is hands-on and figuring things out as I go, I’d make a small purchase, to see how things went once I got my hands on the items. That would show me the right items to order next, to finish pieces I was working on.

Plus, experimenting helped me get clear enough to ask the right questions, about what supplies would suit the designs I was developing. Susan very kindly responds to technical questions, with detailed answers.

Sometimes simple stuff waylays me, eg not knowing what type jump ring would not be pulled apart by the heavy weight cabochon I wanted to use. (I’d never used jump rings with a cabochon. Instead, I’d weave the cabochon’s setting and bail out of seed beads, like in the above beadweaving. In fact, the cab in question is just like the one in the above beadweaving: quite heavy.) Susan promptly addressed my question about jump rings.

Though I’ve been copyrighting the designs, I didn’t initially envision myself selling this sort of jewelry. I was clearly fooling myself, LOL.

But thus far, each piece except Faerie Queen has a structural problem that I don’t mind for myself but would never foist off on a customer.

Nothing wrong with a high standard for what I sell.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a beginner with this stuff. I started making this style jewelry less than three months ago. To some extent, I’m developing my own way of structurally putting these pieces together but, if my experience with fine art bead-weaving is an example, I’ll eventually design sound structures, then I can sell items.


The above piece is called Woven Safely with God, and kind of a started this whole journey. I love fluorite beads for metaphysical reasons, but wanted something fancier than the fluorite necklaces I’d been wearing. I also had a 40 x 30 fluorite cabachon that is not attractive. So I tucked it inside a filigree I’d folded, where it peeks out nicely.

A few structural problems I am learning to fix:

1) My initial pieces do not always hang right when worn. For example, the fleur-de-lis on Grande Dame (see it in the first blog) flips behind the pink glass sometimes. I do not mind fussing with it when I wear it, but a customer shouldn’t have to do that. And one of the other pieces twists in a way I can easily untwist but someone not as crafty would have trouble.

2) I am new to using glue the ways needed in this sort of jewelry making. And I just do not understand glue! I do not trust it!

The glue I have is used by artisans who sell high end jewelry, but my learning disability makes glue a mystery! I am going to wear some pieces I made a long time before I trust the way I use the glue will hold fast.

WovnSaflyWGod2Time and experiments will make a big diff, but it is frustrating. Eg, I spent a good many hours on what I thought was finally a salable structure. It did not work. Aargh.

Do not be deterred when frustrated. Share my new addiction for Susan’s ornate components.

I’ve spent hours exploring her inventory, to find more and more pieces to implement my fey visions.

I’ve also spent hours reading her free technical lessons as I play with supplies I ordered.

The lessons are filled with technical gems. Repeated reading helps me catch things I’d originally missed—I can be slow to understand mechanical and spacial stuff.

It was on her instructional site I got the idea to kinda hide the not-so-great fluorite cabochon. (I am committed to attributing source!)

The next piece is called “Ssshhh, Faerie Queen,” as in “Do not tell anyone its wearer is Queen of Faerie.”

The above bail is made from a piece Susan suggests folding in half as a bail. I did it a bit differently: After folding it in half, I rolled the back half into a tube, for a more secure bail.

I made the bail big so it could be used as a pendant or on a stick pin. The stick pin in the picture is not from Susan’s shop, but everything attached to the little bead hanging off the end of the stick pin is purchased from her.

I wrapped filigree around the green “gem.” I love how it glistens, peeking through the filigree. I learned how to filigree wrap from Susan’s lessons and from trial and error.

I had to solve many technical hurdles myself—such is the way of creating new designs and learning a craft. But Willie generously answered tech questions too.

SshhhFeyQueen2Willie even suggested a few filigrees that would wrap the way I needed for some of my designs. Willie, all these designs were made before your filigree wrapping tips in our recent conversations, so I should only improve from here.

Check out Willie’s gorgeous jewelry. She’s very generous: A substantial amount of earnings from her jewelry funds free jewelry classes for hospital patients

Thanks for sharing my creative journey. Let me know which of my experiences help you. Big hugs.



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