Pastoral Counseling—Pagan Style

Pastoral Counseling—Pagan Style
A Teleseminar in Shamanic Counseling Skills

This is not training in psychic-reading. It is far beyond. Learn universal principles that anyone can use to counsel.

As a professional psychic, raised by a Sicilian witch, I’ll share what I’ve learned, including techniques only spoken of among pros.

FeatherSquareSMaybe people confide in you and, without any training, you know how to respond. Or you’re trained in psychology. Or you read tarot—with or without training in it —or you priest(ess) a coven. Or you have another reason that this class is relevant. Come join other concerned, caring people for support and community!

This unique seminar is of special interest to healers. Click here to enroll.

Learn the techniques, strengths, and limits of the witch as spiritual advisor, as well as rituals and meditations to heal friends and clients, and to help them follow their star.

We’ll discuss Shamanic counseling methods to guide people through life’s everyday challenges, as well as secrets shamans use to heal alcoholism, heartbreak, and trauma.

You’ll discover how to:
* Practice traditional shamanic counseling, as opposed to a psychologically or Christian-based mode.
* Gain confidence in your priesthood, innate powers, and wisdom.
* Be the high caliber spiritual guide that people want to go to.
* Express the hope and inspiration of your inner Goddess or God.
* Better apply your existing tools to help friends and clients.
* Reap self-fulfillment, joy, spiritual depth, and self-healing by serving others.

Suited to all levels of experience: accessible to newbies, yet adepts experience depth.

Pastoral Counseling, Pagan Style is a training unto itself; it also serves as one of the electives needed before advanced Third Road training.

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts
* Enrollment limited to 16 participants.
* Class meets by group phone call. Participate simply by dialing the phone.
* We meet seven consecutive Tuesdays for one hour, from noon to 1:00 EST, starting Tues March 17. Reserve Tuesday, May 5, same time, for a makeup class in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.
* Tuition is $250. You might also pay long-distance charges to call the event’s number (a U.S. area code), depending on your long-distance plan. Charges would appear on your phone bill.
* To enroll, click here.
* or if you’ve taken this teleseminar, you can repeat it at half price: $125.
* Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone number, etc is emailed to you. Refunds unavailable.

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

For more info, or to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, payment plan, or a trade, call 814-337-2490. I’ll talk as long as you need by phone, but don’t email me.

Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman: “Francesca De Grandis has given us an inspirational bridge between ancient wisdom and our current life.”

Patricia Sullivan, Director of Clinical Services for U.C.S.F. AIDS Health Project: “Training with Francesca has had a significant impact on my work as a therapist, teacher, and administrator working within the HIV epidemic.”

Cathy: “Francesca, Thanks for the spiritual counseling and support. I’ve gone to many different “spiritual advisors” and gotten lots of junk. Everything I got from you was pure quality and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to another session, Cathy”

I’m guessing it’s been about four years since I’ve taught this. It may be another four years before I teach it again, so grab this opportunity. Click here to enroll.


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Giveaway Blanket

Update on the post below: Someone claimed the Graven Images deck. But I’ll keep posting giveaway blankets, each with a Tarot, Lenormand, or other divination deck, whenever I have time to photograph a deck, til all the decks are spoken for. So the next few months, watch both my sites’ blogs for the giveaways: new blogs appear at , and at


Welcome! Here’s the second item on my giveaway blanket:

If you missed my previous post: I was gifted a lot of Tarot, Lenormand, and other divination decks, and am giving away a handful of decks that don’t suit me.

The first deck was claimed, so now the deck on the blanket is the Graven Images Oracle. It’s in excellent condition, unboxed, and has an instruction booklet. I suspect the deck’s been used only a little.

I didn’t check whether all the cards are there, though I imagine they are. But then, I’m happy to read with an incomplete set, because it makes the deck unique.

It’s a wonderful deck, so I’m not sure why it’s not right for me. Someone’s going to love working with it.

The following photo shows a few cards, the cards’ back, and the book:


BTW, if you do a Google search, using “Graven Images Oracle” as the parameters, you can learn more about the deck, to better help you decide if this is a deck for you.

I want to spread the bounty by only giving one deck per person.

Do you want this deck? Here are instructions:

1) In the comment field below, write the name of the deck: Graven Images Oracle
2) Email me a postal address (U. S. non-military address only) to which I can ship the deck. I will pay for shipping; I really want this to be a complete giveaway.
3) Include your phone number in the email, in case I have trouble shipping. My email address is outlawbunny at
4) Put “Graven Images Oracle” in the subject field of the email.

Important: First person to do all four steps of the instructions receives the deck. If someone’s already written the name of the deck in a comment field, it’s not necessarily too late for you. Often, people will do part one of the instructions, then forget to do the rest.

I’ll update this post to let everyone know when the deck’s been claimed.

I’ll blog more “blankets,” each with a deck, whenever I have the chance to photograph a deck and write a description of it. So the next few months, stay tuned to both my sites’ blogs for the giveaways: this site’s new blogs always appear at , and my other site’s blogs at

Heh, if you claim a deck, you do me a favor, by helping me spread the bounty that was given me. Otherwise, I’d be like a miserable miserly Dragon, selfishly coiled around decks I would never use. Ooh, must insert word play: When we are selfish we actually lose the self, heh, heh, heh. Blessed be!


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Brigid Ritual, 2015


If you cannot view the above graphics:

Brigid Ritual, 2015

Fellow Mystic Traveler,

Please join me for a Sabbat ritual on Monday, February 2, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST.

Goddess Brigid brings renewal, inspiration, and healing. She also blesses us by Her sheer presence: I find myself stunned by Her beauty and wondrousness—in a way that makes me revel in all creation, including myself. I hope you will join me in visiting with Her.

During the rite, you’ll also receive guidance about how you, in your own way, can best serve all our relations.

The event is a group phone call. Free and open to all. (You might pay long-distance charges, depending on your long-distance plan. If so, they appear on your phone bill. The event is a U.S. area code.)

No experience needed.

To participate, call 1-712-775-7000. When prompted, enter 1095248#. Dial three to five minutes before 2:00; it can take a bit to connect, and latecomers are not allowed.

Mark your calendar. Let’s be renewed for the New Year.

In starlit fellowship, Francesca De Grandis

I hope you sign up for my newsletter, because I am all about sharing the journey with fellow star-dusted travelers. Yes! Here is the link:

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DIY Luxury

Look at my new bag for one of my Lenormand decks! I have to share it with you, because I am so happy with it. It’s my first lavish pouch:


Constructing it was an act of self-love: beauty’s important to me spiritually, and this bag tickles my eyes.

In addition, I wanted something that made me feel “posh,” as a mega-abundance ritual. Every time I see the bag, I feel quite the Grande Dame.

I used the process of creating the bag’s design to conjure self-love and abundance, which envelop me whenever I draw my deck from the bag.

Here’s how I made it:

I started with one of those cheap muslin bags, the sort you put bath herbs in. I replaced its drawstring with something sturdier and pretty.

Then I covered the bag with lace. If you’re like me—not a great seamstress—don’t worry, I don’t think it matters much. Anyone who’d look that closely and critically at your stitches is probably too stuck up for you to risk showing them your precious mystical possessions, anyway.

The cream lace was stained—I’m big at upcycling—so I painted it with Lumiere paint from Jacquard.

Kathleen, recognize the lavender lace? It’s that fabulous stuff you passed onto me, I’ve hungered for a way to use it til now.

The last step was bejeweling the bag. I stitched the ornamentation on. The vintage style brass findings were purchased from

As I said, this is my first lavish bag for cards. I tend to store a deck in a wooden box and/or simple bag, or just wrap a Tarot deck in an old silk cloth. I’ve found those are great containers for divination cards, over the 30 years I’ve been a professional reader. Simple is good! But I’ve made a few pouches that are “fahncy.” :-) I want my life to balance simplicity and extravagance. This week, I felt compelled to make something more elaborate and opulent looking than what I’ve made before, because luxury can feed the soul. Now I’m fed!

When constructing the pouch, I played around with ideas to make it even more ornate, but nothing I tried looked right. But someday…

Photos of other bags:



If this post inspires you to make your own bag, or find your own way to balance simplicity with extravagance, or use creativity as ritual, please tell me about it. Hearing about your journey is a blessing.



Click here to learn about the Faerie Ritual Set:

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Santa’s Unconditional Love


Yule may be over, but Santa’s always looking for ways to bring you happiness—the whole holiday season and the whole year.

Here is a simple quick ritual to let in unconditional love any time of the year.

First, an explanation: I think Santa is awesome. For example, last year one of my jobs as his Yule elf was being a snow faerie—I had a blast painting snowflakes! (Click here for more about that job.)

Another example: my above painting shows something cool Santa did with some of the snowflakes I made. He does it not just for his elves, but for you and everyone. Unconditional love.

Ritual: Spend about 60 seconds with your head raised to the sky, whether it’s snowing or not, while God’s love tumbles down and kisses you. Or take 60 seconds to meditate on the painting, to let in unconditional love.


Click here to learn about the Faerie Ritual Set.

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Upcoming Shamanic Event

I Have Your Back:
A Three-Month Direct Spiritual Transmission,

starting January 12, 2015

I’d planned on no three-month group transmission for a year. But previous recipients reported wonderful results and wanted more ASAP. I’m immensely thrilled by their desire for everything life can give. On your life journey, you deserve quality support every step. Each leg of your journey is different. My treatments adapts, moment to moment. For example, sometimes you need dramatic transformation, other times you need nurturing peace. It’s about your unique spiritual and physical essence as it manifests in the moment.

BearSquareSHere is what happens during the transmission: You receive continual support, for three months. The transmission shapes itself to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Your body, soul, and circumstances receive constant blessings.

It is easy to receive this transmission. You don’t have to attend an event or do any work. Just sign up, and I do the work for you!

Even if you’re a shaman yourself, you deserve someone who has your back—a constant ally.

No experience needed. But adepts are deeply impacted.

I send you this spiritual transmission five days a week, every week for three months! This is big, big, big! Whether you’ve already made significant changes for the better, or are only beginning to improve your life, you’re capable of big shifts right now.

You have dreams,
and may have means,
but work I do
will help you too.
I give an extra boost that helps
you soar, survive,
then soar some more
despite huge flights you’ve had—or not—before.

FeatherSquareSUtter peace, compassion, and empowerment permeate every atom of existence, and are available for you.

Pay securely with PayPal.

Option 1) Choose three easy, automatic monthly payments of $150. Your total cost: $450. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. This option is available if you have a PayPal account. Use the Subscribe button.

Option 2) Pay all up front to save $100. Your total cost: $350. You do not need a PayPal account. Use the Pay Now button.

Either payment choice constitutes enormous savings. Talk advantage of this special event. Imagine having shamanic support tailored to you throughout the week for three months!

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration.

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

If you need more info, can’t afford payment, or need reduced payment, phone me. 814.337.2490. I do not discuss this work by email. No refunds.

Again, it starts January 12.

A direct spiritual transmission does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This spiritual treatment is extraordinarily effective, but may not work for some individuals.

Do this now. I can only accept twenty people into this empowerment process. Whatever’s bubbling up for you, no matter how many things, this shamanic work will meet, greet, and magic it all.


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It would not be a Faerie Thanksgiving unless there was some out and out mysticism to stoke the embers of our fey souls.Gratitude



My generous Gods, thank you.

The colors in outer space
always take my breath away;
they sing to my fey soul.

The colors in outer space
are my palette (and palate).
With it, I can paint
the entire cosmos,
all my cells,
and my cherished Gods.

May my paintings and poems be honest.

Click here to learn about the Faerie Ritual Set:

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Finding the Spiritual Center of My Art
AKA I’m Giving Up Fabric Painting

The past four years have been an amazing journey for me as an artist. It’s been a time of exploration and finding the spiritual center of my art.

BeautyMoi2OB2010, I found out I can draw ‘n’ paint, and started painting on cloth. (Click here for that story.)

Previously, I’d enjoyed making talismanic jewelry, but decided to paint instead, because I enjoyed it even more.

For me, it’s important that art is functional. Talisman jewelry fit the bill. Then fabric art did too; for example, I made altar cloths.

So why am I moving away from fabric painting?

My art studio was without heat during a long freezing winter. That was the tip of a synchronistic iceberg. Long story short, my Gods made it clear, through one mind boggling event after another, that it was time to do something different as an artist.

I am blessed that my fabric art sells. In this economy, it’s hard to leave behind that source of income. But, if I forged on with it, I know the income from it would evaporate, as further reinforcement of my Gods’ message that I should move onto my next creative stage. Heh, my Gods communicate in an utterly clear way when I get stubborn.

2ndYuleWrth1EditedOBI have no regrets about doing fabric art for four years. It was a joyful way to learn to draw and paint. I made myself and other people beautiful items that have spiritual meaning. For four years, I joyfully experienced meditative immersion in paints, dyes, and silks. But self-expression requires admitting when an art form is no longer working.

The freezing studio and other road blocks to fabric painting affirmed a longing that had been growing in me a long time:

I want my painting to be more closely aligned with the rest of my shamanic work. Yes, my fabric art and jewelry, etc., are expressions of my shamanism—e.g., I transmit blessings by making an altar cloth or wearable talismanic art. But I want to tie it ALL together—the blessings, my teaching, my counseling, my art. Digital art suits this to a T, at least for me.

So now I’m focusing on digital art, which I’d started shortly after fabric art. Even when I first tried digital art, I found it organically integrated directly into all the rest of my shamanism. Now I want to focus on that!

One of my first ways to integrate it all together is the Faerie Ritual Set: For Spells, Divination, Soul Journeying, and More. E.g., The set has a magical training in it, along with prints of my digital art that are central to the magic.

Sampler of art by Francesca De Grandis,  from the Book of Shadows in the Faerie Rifual Set

To see details, click on this sampler of Francesca De Grandis’s art from the Faerie Ritual Set Book of Shadows.

The Faerie Ritual Set proved to me how much I want all expressions of my shamanism together, in the strongest possible weave. Creating the set made my heart sing, and using the set myself curls my toes! :-)

I’m grateful my Gods gave such clear guidance, so fabric art does not distract me from this more integrative process. Following my heart is improving how I serve my wonderful community as a shaman.

That wraps up my discussion about finding the spiritual center of my art, but I want you to know that important pieces of my fabric art and talismanic jewelry are still available. If you liked that phase of my art, it’s not too late to acquire pieces.

Some of the remaining items are in my shop, and I’ll add another one every day: Check daily for these shamanic artifacts, while they last, because they support your unique journey. Blessed be.

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Artists Like Money


SMI Button

Artists like money.

We’re different from other people, who are above such minor considerations.


Crazy like a fox? Share my insanity. Click here.

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Creativity and Trust

Trusting the creative process, with all its starts and halts, confusions and contusions, is challenging. But it is needed to make visions come true.

We embody that trust by going with the flow; it pours from Divine Source, ensuring our creativity bear fruit. This lesson was brought home to me recently, while working on two major projects simultaneously.

This was a big undertaking. The last time I’d focused on two major (non-oral-tradition) projects simultaneously was 1998, releasing Be a Goddess! and my music album within a year of each other.

One of the new projects is a book, yet to be released. The other is the Faerie Ritual Set. My hope was to release both within six months of each other.

I’d gone back-and-forth between the two projects for a long time. When I needed a break from one of them, or one was with a friend for a critique, or whatever, I switched. I often worked on one in the background while truly focusing on the other.

Then I got a bad cold for a whole month, at a critical time—close to the book’s holiday release date. (Originally, the book was going to be released before the Faerie Ritual Set.) The month delay made a holiday release impossible. I decided an early spring release would still be ok.

So then I finished the book’s close-to-final-draft, and sent it to someone for pivotal final feedback. The project got delayed with him. Here is where I learned my lesson.

FRS_DetailAt first, his delay gave me the chance to catch up on rest and tidy my office. But continuing to wait would have created too long an empty time. Of course, emptiness can be awesome. Sometimes, the Universe halts our plans because we need to face the void or get rest or play with our pets or … (those are all part of the creative process). But this was not one of those times: My gut wisdom told me I had to move ahead.

But I couldn’t work on the Faerie Ritual Set, because it was in final stages, the immense creative elements of which I could not wrap my brain around while still mentally holding details about the impending final push on the book. A brain can only hold so much.

Argh, the book was almost done! It was my precious baby—the thought of stopping right at the finish line ripped at my heart.

I faced a choice. Should I whine and shake my fist at the sky, while stomping about in the remains of ruined plans? Should I continue to wait and waste months of my life?

Or should I trust the creative process, and go with the flow? Should I embody that trust—and flow—by finding a way to be productive, serving community instead of feeling miserably blocked, impaled by my navel-gazing about the trials of a creative personality?

It is easy to get lost in frustration, because creating is difficult in many ways. But all my hard work was no excuse for moping around waiting for the impossible! I temporarily forsook the book and finished up the Faerie Ritual Set.

It was just released. It exists, it is spectacular, and it is helping people. None of that would be true, if I had railed against the flow endlessly. The Faerie Ritual Set, too, is my baby—it wanted my attention, and it is thriving.

Yup, going with the flow embodies trust in the creative process. But we have to know what that actually look like in real life. Well, it can manifest in many (contradictory) ways. My tale illustrates three:

1) We might need to plow on, producing something useful to our community.

2) We might need to stop work for self-care, e.g., naps to get over a cold (or a vid binge when our brains stop functioning, LOL).

3) We might need to stick to a project over the longterm, which allows us to back away now and then: The book may be delayed until 2016. I’ve decided to move back to California. All the work of moving, along with my wonderfully full schedule of clients and students, are enough on my plate, for now. But the notes needed to finish the book are ready, and I will be too.

Naps. Hard work. Vid binges. A moratorium on moping. Getting work done when other work was not possible. These acts allowed me to feel incredible fulfillment through creating the Faerie Ritual Set. I will birth the book too, when its time comes.


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