Star Goddess Necklace

RegalNecklaceSmI guess it was inevitable my love of vintage jewelry would have me integrating vintage style metalwork into my wet felting and needle felting.

I needle felted merino top (yum, merino top is luxuriously soft) into stars by using star shaped cookie cutters, then wet felting a bit. Using more merino top, I made a tube bead to hang the stars from, plus some round beads.

Next came working out a design to integrate the metal work and some seed beads into a felted piece, which was more challenging than I’d expected, technically speaking, but a good lesson.

I call this piece “Star Goddess Trickster Necklace.” I hope it is fun and playful while also being stylish.

I’m enjoying felting myself pieces, and look forward to being good enough at felting to make felt talismans for my clients. When acting as a shamanic guide, I sometimes make charms for my clients, channeling a charm relevant to the specific issue(s) we’re working on together. Even when the clients can make charms, they find it useful to have someone else make one for them. Blessed be!


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Tech Paradoxes

My friend Michael Larsen sent me the essay below, thinking I might enjoy it. I more than enjoyed it: I think every person on the planet should read it. So, with his permission, I’m posting it here:

Byting Off More Than We Can Chew:
16 Paradoxes Created by Technology

1. The Internet simultaneously connects us to the world and isolates us.

2. The more tech fosters unity, the more it enables fragmentation.

MikeLarsen23. The more knowledge there is, the less we know.

4. We are in a state of information overload and information deficit simultaneously, and there’s nothing we can do about either.

5. The greater the amount of information available, the smaller the devices it goes through. Some day all knowledge will be available, but the device for accessing it will be too small to see

6. Tech was going to lead to paperless offices, but it generates more paper faster than any preceding technology.

7. However much good tech does, its potential for evil will always be greater.

8. The more powerful tech is, the fewer people there are who control it.

9. The more powerful tech is, the less power people have to control it.

10. The more powerful tech is, the greater its potential for diminishing the freedom and control of individuals and organizations.

11. The larger tech becomes, the more vulnerable it becomes.

12. The more tech serves us, the more we have to meet its needs.

13. The more tech empowers users for commerce, creativity, communication, and community, the more potential it has to control freedom.

14. Technology breeds frenemies; Amazon can be your enemy and your best customer.

15. The more tech increases productivity, the fewer workers there are who can buy what is produced.

16. The more time-saving devices we have, the less time we have. Someday, we won’t have to do anything, but we won’t have the time to do it.

Like climate disruption, tech disruption is a relentless, implacable, accelerating force unto itself. We embrace it for its benefits without understanding their consequences. Tech is driven by profit, competition, the need to grow and satisfy stakeholders, and an innovate-or-die pressure that force tech companies to be more concerned about profit than people or the planet, the essential sources of sustainability. The need for profit undermines idealism and makes the phrase “ethical corporation” an oxymoron. Tech disruption is as important as climate disruption, and we control both equally.

Mike Larsen is Co-director of:
* San Francisco Writers Conference: A Celebration of Craft, Commerce & Community
* San Francisco Writing for Change Conference: Writing to Make a Difference


This essay is copyright Michael Larsen.

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A Sacred Marketplace Support Group

A Sacred Marketplace Support Group

You can earn your living doing what you love for people you love. 
I show you how in my ebook:

ASM4A Sacred Marketplace:
Sell without Selling Out or Burning Out.
Mysticism + Marketing = Sales.

The lessons’ combine shamanic exercises with down-to-earth business know-how to make you a powerful entrepreneur. Draw on my shamanic expertise and business savvy: they created my three best-selling books and lifelong professional career as a shaman.

Readers are telling me the great results they’re having. The book rocks! But would you like personal support along with the book?

For example, do you like empowering books but can’t manage to read them all the way through? Or have trouble acting on what you learn? Or need to apply the lessons better?

Or maybe you just prefer not working on your own, so you can succeed even more than you already have?

A powerful option:

SmPnkJoin the author in A Sacred Marketplace Support Group.

During our meetings:

* Questions and discussion about the book’s material are welcome.

* Receive lessons tailored to you: I share my marketing expertise, while also giving intuitive guidance, both customized to your situation. Example of intuitive guidance: I might show you your inner blocks to successful marketing or prosperity, and how to heal them. Examples of marketing input: you might be given ideas to successfully promote your particular project or break through your current dilemmas.

* Experience direct spiritual transmissions that augment your ability to serve community in the career of your choice.

You do not need to read the book before enrolling. You’ll have plenty of time over the course of the support group.

An easy pace: we meet seven times over three-months, so no rush. Instead of worrying about how to accomplish career goals, you enjoy supportive meetings. They are every other week—to fit into your schedule.

Weeks we don’t meet, you receive a boost by email: words of inspiration to keep you going.

For both newbies and successful marketers.

SmPnkNuts and bolts:

* Seven group meetings by phone. To participate, just dial the phone from anywhere. Your usual long-distance charges apply, and appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #.

* We meet every other Wednesday, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, starting February 24.

* Reserve Weds May 25, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

* Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone #, etc., emailed to you. If you need more info, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call 814-337-2490. No refunds.

* Scroll down to enroll: If you already have the e-book, choose the second payment option in the drop-down menu. Enter your phone number then pay securely by clicking the PayPal button.

Choose one of the following:
Please enter your phone number


“I have always found Francesca to possess a rare combination of creativity and marketing savvy … What is most impressive is her fundamental humanity, her determination to make a difference in the world—and to do it with spirit, wit, and insight.”—Mark Chimsky, Editor in Chief of Books, Sellers Publishing

“Her insightful research in anthropology led to her innovative work in the modalities of spiritual healing.”—S.S. Kush, Professor of Anthropology

As a super independent marketer, I want to help you market with your own style, in a relaxed self-caring way. For artists, coaches, and you. Support yourself—the whole you. Enroll now.

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Beauty Right Now

When do we not share our beauty? When do we withhold beauty from ourselves? Beauty takes many forms.

Beauty is not just on the mundane plane, but I want to start there:

Do you ever save up beautiful items until it’s the “right time to use them” but the right time never comes? For example, make a lovely quilt that you never display on wall or bed? Or buy gorgeous beads that sit in a drawer forever while you use beads you like less? Or be given a beautiful scarf that would look perfect on you, but you have not worn it?

I do that sort of thing, sometimes, though not as much as when I was young. I was thinking about it just now as I was looking at this mobile I made last year:


I’d bought beautiful metal pieces to make jewelry with and, no longer making jewelry, I’d let the gorgeous metalwork sit in a box. So I decided to make a mobile out of all sorts of things that I was waiting for “just the right time” to use.

It was an interesting exercise, because I used the pieces in the mobile that, until that point, I’d considered too special to use in a mobile.

Now I have a special mobile blessing my home. When I look at the mobile, it gives me a sense of peace, healthy self indulgence, and self-care.

I couldn’t get great photos of it, so you can’t see, for example, how much the crystals sparkle, or the radiance of the pearl-like shell. But the following two pictures of details show a bit. The first one shows some of the beautiful metalwork I allowed myself to use, among other things:


The second picture shows three gorgeous bells that had just been sitting in a drawer. My mobile bells ring out:


Today I was thinking about hoarding beauty on the less material plane. When do I—or you—not share beauty? Eg, refrain from giving a smile to a weary coworker whose desk we pass? Or refrain from online posting a picture of something beautiful we’ve made because we lack confidence or think no one will care? Or not think to give an extra blanket we have to someone who is homeless? Yes, these three examples play out on the material plane, but they are partially about spirit, including spiritual beauty.

Beauty takes many forms.

When do we withhold beauty from ourselves, eg not adding that little bit of grape juice to our glass of water so the water becomes yummy and has added electrolytes?

My prayer today is: My Gods, you’ve surrounded me with beauty. Help me draw on it right now, instead of waiting until “I’m ready.” Help me share the beauty I am, instead of waiting until “the right time” or until “I’m beautiful enough.” Help me support others to find and share beauty. Thank you.


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Patience with Wet Felting

Patience with Wet Felting
And the Oddities of an Artist’s Life

Here are two felt vessels made in 2015:


The small one especially pleased me, because my pieces were too often falling short of my visions, but the small vessel came closer. I only started felting in 2015, so I guess it just takes time and patience. My pieces more and more are really starting to be what I want.

I made the smaller vessel by wet felting around a small rubber half-sphere:Brst

A friend sent me the rubber breast, which seemed strange until I learned the reason: My friend mailed me a Yule present. The place where my friend bought the gift also sells the wee breast to raise money for cancer research, so my friend had one added to the present.

OK, maybe it is strange nonetheless that my friend sent me a breast. But no stranger than my creative process: I’m always looking for things I can wet felt around; it was inevitable I’d eventually try to wet felt around the breast, LOL.

I bought the wool for these pieces from wonderful Marie at

The wood piece on the larger vessel is a talisman. I drew a bird, which I commissioned the amazing artisan Deborah to laser-engrave on a piece of wood. Her shop is at

I imbued the bird with magic as i drew it and again after I received the wooden piece from Deborah. I use the felt pieces I make for shamanic purposes.

Patience and a rubber breast. Life is full! I am happy to have my new vessels on my altar.


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I Wish You …

2015WishSmI wish you a wonderful winter season.

May you get enough rest.
May you get enough fun.
May you stay true to yourself.
May the hearth fire burn bright within your home and your heart.
May the Divine love that flows through the World Tree embrace you, empower you, heal you.
May you know the beauty that you are and the beauty that is the dark winter months.
Blessed be.


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Wishes to Pagan Santa


Letters to Santa—Yule Magic Wishes
A simple holiday ritual for children of all ages.

Back story, unless you already know I’m one of Santa’s elves: Most of the year, I’m a vagabond shaman, traveling astrally, as a shamanic guide and talismanic artist. But come late fall, I retreat to the North Pole, where I continue working as a guide long-distance, but also work as one of Santa’s elves. End of backstory.

One of my jobs, as a Yule elf again this year, is to gather wishes to Santa and relay them to him. I’m thrilled to be doing this, it’s very important work. And I am honored that Santa trusts me with it.

People’s letters to Santa in the past two years have been amazing, so if you want to see them, check out the earlier version of this page, here.

Here’s how to send Santa your wish. In a comment field below, make a wish or wishes to Santa. He’s a “jolly elf.” So he has the magic to grant your heart’s desires.

I will give Santa your comment!

And remember: He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, so be a good girl or boy or gender-marvel or faerie or wolf or rabbit or dragon or girl-boy-gender-marvel-faerie-wolf-rabbit-dragon or whatever you are. Eat your veggies and play nice with others. I can’t wait to see your wish, and I promise not to get too proud about Santa giving me this big job.

Please post a wish or wishes now, before you forget, because it is wonderful to get your wish(es) granted!

You can come back later to post more wishes, if you remember. Bring your children, for mystical Pagan Yule fun.

I’ll kick off by posting my letter to Santa in a comment field.

Also, another of my elf jobs this year is that Santa asked me to teach a little class called Santa Magic. Click here to check it out.


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A Sacred Marketplace


A Sacred Marketplace is available only from the author:


To write a review, scroll down and use the comment field below.

Book Description:

A Sacred Marketplace:
Sell without Selling Out or Burning Out.
Mysticism + Marketing = Sales.

Marketing tips from best-selling author, spiritual guide, and solopreneur Francesca De Grandis.

SmPnkFrom the book: “Imagine earning a living doing what you love for clients you love. Imagine your big-hearted joy creates sales, automatically making our culture more ethical, serene, and giving. It’s an economy based in love.”

This lyrical ebook helps make that vision your reality. You’ll market with your own style, in a relaxed self-caring way. Spirit will guide you in a business that becomes sacred space. Your inner blocks to marketing and prosperity will heal.

SmYlwWith marketing advice for both newbies and successful marketers, Francesca’s spiritually-based little guide gives more value than seminars that cost $1000s. And you’re spared years of heartbreaking dead ends.

Francesca’s strategies work in any part of your marketing process—social media marketing, face-to-face sales, phone sales, email marketing, and more.

SmPnkArtists, coaches, and you, A Sacred Marketplace informs you as a heartfelt entrepreneur and shares a philosophy that informs your entire life. Support yourself—the whole you.

Francesca De Grandis AKA Outlaw Bunny—spiritual teacher, humorist, mystic genius, best-selling author of the classic Be a Goddess!, innovator, artist, and super independent marketer. Renaissance woman. Busy elf.


“I have always found Francesca to possess a rare combination of creativity and marketing savvy … What is most impressive is her fundamental humanity, her determination to make a difference in the world—and to do it with spirit, wit, and insight.”—Mark Chimsky, Editor in Chief of Books, Sellers Publishing

SmPnk“Her insightful research in anthropology led to her innovative work in the modalities of spiritual healing.”—S.S. Kush, Professor of Anthropology

“Francesca De Grandis is genius—she develops cutting edge methodologies in mysticism, marketing, art, and more. A thought leader in marketing and everything else she’s devoted herself to. She’s the real deal, often copied, never equaled. De Grandis innovates with style and integrity, in both the corporate and indie worlds.”—Beverly Macy, author, The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

SmPnk“Francesca teaches us what we already know but are too stressed out and spread around to remember. So she helped me see the ability to market was already in me.”—Julie Harrington

“Francesca sees the world through the eyes of a wise spiritual master, a sadhu, a shaman.”—Donna Henes, author The Queen of My Self


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Your Throne

Have you rejected parts of yourself? E.g., child, Goddess, God, fattie, loser, quitter, matriarch, whiner, sissy, artist, sorceress? Place those parts of you on the throne. Bow down before them.


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Blessing You

NightJoyStar-Filled Faerie Blessings:
I’m excited to announce a new service.

In traditional native culture, each person was taken care of by her tribe’s shaman. My mother trained me to do this work from childhood, as part of the family’s shamanic tradition going back hundreds of years.

A tribe member would regularly receive blessings from her shaman, through a five-day ritual to bring well being—e.g., prosperity, peace, and protection. The shaman chose a propitious time in nature and performed the five-day blessing, empowered by this special time.

I’ll do this ceremony for you, once a month, for six months, starting October.

Every shaman has their favorite times in nature. I love the witchy powers that come forth when there’s less moonlight. Night stars!

Every month has a New Moon—a night when no moon appears above. About five days before and after this, the moon shows far less than half its full sphere, revealing only a bright narrow sliver.

I’ll choose five consecutive days, from this dozen or so darker days of the month, to do the five-day ceremony. During it, you receive
* a healing and empowerment of your spirit,
a healing and strengthening of your body,
* good luck overall in your life.

FDGBlessingThe blessing shapes itself to your needs. It’s not intrusive, controlling, or otherwise “off.” I can’t know what’s right for you. Only you and your Gods fully comprehend you. My magic supports your unique being, adapting to your essence as it manifests moment to moment.

It’s easy to receive this blessing. You don’t have to do a thing. I do the work for you!

If you like doing magic for yourself, my work has the added benefit of supporting yours—even if you’re a magical master. My past life memory is, doing these rituals when a tribe had more than one shaman, I would bless them as well; we are all tribe.

You deserve high quality support and ongoing loving care:

Choose a six-month subscription, with easy, automatic monthly payments of $130.

Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. Use the Subscribe button below.

I encourage you: Open to long-term support. Imagine the improvement in your life from a half year of ceremonies. Imagine star-filled Faerie Blessings for six months. In fact, subscribe and receive an additional magic each month:

During every five-day ceremony, I’ll create a mystical document you receive as a PDF by email. This page, which you can put it in your Book of Shadows, is not run-of-the-mill Paganism seen over and over online. It’s my channeled material—eg prayers or insights—relevant to the five-day blessing.

In the same vein, there’s no clip art. The page is ornamented by full-color art I paint in trance, which blesses the page.

IrisFancySpirit tells me that your opening to ongoing succor—AKA subscribing for six months—helps energize the documents, so they function as talismans for you. The effort I put into the pages, plus your commitment to the six-month blessing, generates sacred artifacts—digital style: Each of the six pages is a talisman that increases your star-filled Faerie blessings, bringing further well-being and success, with no effort on your part. You don’t even have to print a page for its power to work!

I retain full copyright of my art and writing. Sharing the material without permission from its creator is prohibited by law; it is also bad mojo.

I always tell you by email when the ritual will start. If you need more info, can’t afford payment, or need reduced payment, phone me: 814.337.2490. I also am open to trade. No refunds but, if for some reason you must drop out, cancel your subscription, and I won’t expect further payments.

Enrollment deadline: October 2.

Special Note: The five-day rite does not pollute Gaia through the manufacture of lots of objects. Mind you, using magical tools can be powerful, and I make altar tools myself. But capitalist “Pagans” try to sell sell sell us a endless stream of stuff stuff stuff, by implying that littering our lives with purchases makes us “real” Pagans. Acquiring a magnitude of “stuff” doesn’t produce a magnitude of power.

Instead, you receive nothing but straight ahead pure magic from me! Magic like you might’ve dreamt of as a child or hoped for in wild fantasies. Be with me in this magic.


A shamanic blessing does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This spiritual treatment is extraordinarily effective, but may not work for some individuals.

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