Faerie Nation Mag, July '08

Faerie Nation Mag is temporarily on hold. Please don't subscribe or submit anything until we start up again. At that point, it will be apparent because subscription and submission info will be back on this site.

For two years, Faerie Nation Mag has done amazing things for the community. And now, I need a bit of time off to reconceptualize the mag so that it remains relevant and vital and continues to be amazing.

Also, the Mag's production process hasn't worked well for anarchist me. It has been an utterly exhausting process. A bit of time off will provide a fresh perspective so I can restructure the production approach.

Synchronicity being what it is, there is another benefit to putting the mag on pause: Though the mag has been exceptional in what it has been able to provide its readers, right now Faerie Nation will be served better if the immense amount of time spent running the mag is used to do other things for Faerie Nation. But I look forward to renewing the Mag soon, when it again becomes the best thing I can do for you and Gaia, and when I have figured out new and exciting ways to do the mag.

If a community is vital, improving, and filled with dynamic individuals, its needs will shift, radically and often. What worked wonderfully to meet yesterday's needs can be stifling today. So, though the mag rocks, right now the community needs something else for a bit.

Rigidity and faeries don't mix well: To continue the magazine without pause, just because it already exists, would be rigid. True to beneficent chaos and going with the flow, putting Faerie Nation Mag on pause allows everyone on the magazine staff to serve Faerie Nation in other ways, ways that build on what the magazine has created.

Instead of being rigid by trying to always serve Faerie Nation through the same means, I shift my attention as the needs of the individuals in Faerie Nation shift. This means that all the wonderful stuff that's happened thus far in Faerie Nation is going to be followed by lots more wonderful stuff ahead. And then, in a bit, back to the mag when it's the best thing again. Yay! - - Let's stay flexible, guerrilla, and drenched in stardust.

I adore everyone who's contributed to the magazine, whether by being on staff, providing writing and artwork, subscribing, or giving moral support. Thank you for your star-dusted energy and work. And now we can continue to dance between the stars together in new ways - - stay posted at Faerie Nation's Yahoo group!

Love, joy, and promises of heartfelt tomfoolery to come,
Francesca De Grandis