Talisman Set #3

This talisman set has sold. Contact me to make one tailored especially for you. I won’t usually have time to make sets, but right now I have time.

Continue to read this post anyway, to learn about one-of-a-kind sets.

This set’s available only to someone traveling alongside me: one of my students or other newsletter subscribers. Crafting amulets only for them feels true to who I am and to my magic right now. Besides, being a shamanic guide keeps me too busy to create many talismans, except for myself. (Well, I paint original digital talismans for my students constantly, but the previous sentence refers to talismans on the physical plane.)

I had the idea of handcrafted talisman sets, each set consisting of three unique charms. Each set is one-of-a-kind and suited to one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

The charms are meant to suit that individual over the long haul, working both as a powerful grouping and also separately. In other words, when you want to use only one or two of the pieces, store the other one(s) away.

So here’s a three-piece set. When it has sold, I’ll update the listing to say so.

One of the talismans in this particular set is the blackthorn pendant shown above and below. I sanded the wood oh-so-smooth then pyrographed the blackthorn Ogham on it (pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood).

Note the four slanted pyrographed lines that start at one edge of the pendant. That is the Ogham. Oghams were often etched at the edge of a stone or piece of wood, the edge representing the perpendicular line of the Ogham.

It occurred to me I could pump up the magic of the wood and Ogham by ornamenting the wood. I love coming up with magical ideas. The ornamentation is my original design. Its dots represent blackthorn berries, its flowers represent blackthorn blooms, and its curves represent dense, protective blackthorn thickets.

“The thicket that hid Sleeping Beauty was made of blackthorn, and only the hero of the purest intent and heart could pass through it unscathed; those whose hearts were not so pure and whose intentions were less than honorable found themselves snared in the blackthorn’s vicious spines with their flesh torn.”—proprietor of the Etsy shop, Wytchen Wood

This blackthorn pendant will keep all but the worthy (men) at bay. Blackthorn is also good overall protection. To benefit from the blackthorn’s power when you don’t want to wear the pendant or otherwise carry it on you, put it on your altar or hang it on your wall.

Blackthorn also conveys a boldly, witchy celebration, a down-to-earth joyful presence that would help one find joy in the mundane simplicities and small tasks of life. I’d never read or otherwise heard about that energy in blackthorn, but I sense it. (For me, the best way to know the magical properties of a wood is to spend time with it rather than just reading metaphysical books on the topic.)

You could wear the pendant’s back facing front, it’s wood is so lovely.

Here’s the blackthorn wood from which I cut and then crafted the pendant:RuffBT

This set’s second amulet is a heather wood pendant.

Heather, like all the set’s woods, is sacred to Druids. I pyrographed the heather Ogham on it.

The pendant is also a keppen (small wand). I think this piece looks very much like a snake, which is cool for a wand.

Below are magical sensibilities I perceive in heather. They are what I know from my own experiences of the plant, not something I read about in a book or heard of elsewhere. Of course, if I had these experiences, other people might have.

* creativity, whether in the arts or in problem-solving or anything else
* beauty
* the sacredness of beauty
* lovely productive fantasies
* the sacredness of fantasies
* bardic artistry or any art
* dreams
* the sacredness of dreams
* romance, not just in the relationship sense but also in the sense of myth—adventures of epic proportion

The third talisman in this set is a household lintel ward and blessing—in other words, it protects and blesses the home—made from oak. The amulet will do its magic when placed by or above the door, another opening to the outdoors, or anywhere else in your home.

Oak represents strength, prosperity, protection, and overall blessings. Oak is also a door into Fey realms and their mysteries.

On the oak, I burned my original magical design for protection and all blessings.

The magical design featured on this talisman is my own threshold amulet formula: I developed a formula—or call it a “design”—that is a protection and blessing for the home or other space. The formula combines a visual design I created and a shamanic blessing—also my own creation—which I add to the visual design.

The visual elements can be implemented in an extremely flexible manner, so my wood-burnings of the design are all distinctly different pieces of shaman art, each with its own enchanted feeling.

One reason I came up with my design was to forgo the rigid, straight lines of some traditional threshold pieces. I longed for protective lines that are alive, dynamic, as if vegetation grown from the soil.

In my formula, the three main lines invoke the threefold Goddess and Her care of us. The lines are leafy stems to call forth the protection and blessings of Gaia, the Green God, and Elen of the Ways (the Green Goddess). The formula involves more visual elements, but they’re outside the scope of a blog.

This oaken mini-plank was part of a larger one that was likely part of a house or other building. The vendor who sent me the piece obtains her wood ethically, so it’d be like her to recycle flooring, paneling, or the like. The back of the amulet was clearly the front of the mini-board and looks like it might’ve been commercially sanded and had a commercial finish put on it, then acquired a bit of wear over time. That suggests a history of years in someone’s space, a history that has its own magic, making the board a perfect basis for a talisman to bless and protect a home or other building.

Sawing can result in deep grooves across the wood. I usually sand away grooves. To make the other pieces in this set, I endlessly smoothed the surfaces and rounded edges. But I wanted to leave this piece of wood as is. The grooves from sawing are part of the piece’s history and charm; the front of the amulet is unsanded and bumby.

Nevertheless, I wanted this threshold talisman to have a fluid, elaborate design with smooth curves, spirals, and thin lines. That sort of pyrography on an unsanded surface seemed an unlikely possibility. But I brainstormed about ways to accomplish it, figured out some possible techniques, then gave it a try.

I had to burn more fastidiously and slowly than usual. Much more slowly. But it worked: the lines are intricate, fluidly curving and spiraling, despite my burning them along a bumpy surface.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo that clearly distinguishes the wood grain, which is horizontal, from the horizontal grooves, which provide a textured background for the pyrography. But here are details of the pyrography:

This rough-hewn wee slab—which hangs crooked, adding to its boho charm—provides a contrast to the pyrography’s delicate lines. Fun, sacred Goddess art with major mojo.

Cost for the entire set is $130 plus $5 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal.

If this set calls, grab it. I’m constitutionally incapable of repeating my designs.

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions to keep the wood beautiful. I’ll also enclose a print up of this post about the set.

Each amulet is coated with a natural beeswax and oil treatment, and then strung on waxed cotton cord. The wood was ethically harvested.

I blessed all three amulets and put my heart and soul into making them because I’m an old-fashioned witch who believes I was put on this planet to serve you. Now my heart and soul, held by the amulets, will flow to whomever they are meant to serve.

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  1. Renee Deroko says:

    Doing a little dance at my altar; they arrived today and they are even more beautiful in person! Thank you Francesca

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