Recovering from Religion

Recovering from Religion:

A Five-Day Rite

Has organized religion hurt you, wounded your spirit?

I’ll perform a five-day ceremony to heal you of spiritual injuries inflicted by an individual or group who based their wrongdoing on religious paradigms.

The ceremony starts October 30. The five days during which I do the rite will be spread out over the week Samhain occurs. Samhain, which is a major Pagan holiday, is a powerful time shamanically.

It is easy to receive this healing. You don’t have to attend an event or do any work. Just enroll, and I do the work for you.

The energy of the ceremony shapes itself to your specific needs.

FallLeaf3For example, even strong, savvy people can suffer because of an injured psyche. Though one’s intellect might be long past damaging religious sensibilities, one’s emotions and behavior might not have fully caught up with one’s intellect yet.

The ceremony creates wholeness, whoever you are.

FallLeaf2Spiritual wounds from religion have many ramifications. Effects vary from person to person but here are some, though this is by no means a complete list:
* Anxiety
* Insufficient self-care
* Crippling perfectionism
* Creative blocks
* Inability to create or keep abundance
* Lack of boundaries
* Focus on other people’s needs to the exclusion of one’s own
* Isolation
* Problems orgasming
* Lack of trust in one’s insights, reactions, or intuitions
* Excessive shame about one’s typical human shortcomings

Samhain is a holy time for a witch. I’ll travel through the veil into other realms, and there draw on this time of year’s tremendous power, to fuel a rite that helps us live free, proud, and happy.

 After the ceremony, you receive a digital talisman and a prayer. They help protect you henceforth from harm done by religion.

This is a major ritual. I don’t do unimportant events. I want to spend my life in meaningful activities and trained for lifetimes to do events like this. So, while I might still do comparable work in one-on-one sessions, or if it comes up as part of another group event, I might never repeat this specific event. It will have been done. My spirit might have done what it can only do one time. Take advantage of it while you can.

If you can’t afford the enrollment fee, phone me at 814.337.2490 to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, payment plan, or trade.

FallLeaf1Enroll for this healing: a rite of bright awakening and rebirth, leaving behind sorrow and bondage, to emerge into the light of your own fullness of being.

Total Cost: $130. Scroll down to enroll: enter your phone number and pay securely with PayPal.

Please provide your number.

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration. If you need more info, do phone me. 814.337.2490. No refunds.


Magic is not a substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This ceremony is extraordinarily effective, but may not work for some individuals.

Please note this announcement doesn’t naysay religion, but instead discusses harmful aspects of religion.

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The Figa: Healing the Wounded Anima

We can gain our fullest possible power to use in our careers, family, magic, and the rest of life, to create a better world for oneself and for All Our Relations.


Everyone has a female aspect, which is called the Anima. An oppressive society has wounded the Anima of almost every person, because this can disempower an individual in every arena of their life. Every arena.

Though I’ve never read it anywhere, it seems obvious that the figa, which is an Italian good luck charm, must have once symbolized having potency in all parts of life: family, career, creativity, social action, spirituality, magic, …

The figa is in the shape of a closed hand, to represent female genitals.

I had the idea of taking my recent painting of a figa and adding shafts of sunlight extending out, radiating from the closed hand, the way they would in a depiction of a Christian saint’s face, those rays of light that represent Divinity and Divine power.

My hope was such a painting would convey a sacred primacy of the feminine force. This doesn’t exclude the primacy of the male force. I’m not going from one extreme to the other here.

In other words, the painting includes the Feminine in the Divine, not as secondary, God’s little helper, but as a force unto Herself, in full power.

In this full power, she helps all genders embrace their full authority in career, family, sexuality, creativity, and any other arena of life.

Female genitalia given such primacy visually seems a healing balm, so the Anima is freed and made whole. This gives an individual more power to create a beautiful world for oneself and for All Our Relations. So mote it be.

For more of my experiences with and theories about the figa amulet, read the post The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet:


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Our Bodies Are Sacred

All Our Bodies Are Sacred,
Exactly as They Are

Knowing our bodies are sacred can give us greater confidence in our physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative competency.

A figa is a talisman for protection, good luck, and fertility. The amulet is shaped like a closed hand to represent a woman’s genitals.

My recent post The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet shares:
* my belief that the amulet also symbolizes female empowerment
* my reaction to finding a figa pendant that is feminine and elegant
* the implications of figas usually looking like a man’s hand and being coarsely rendered.

Click here if you want to see the post:

That new pendant and what it meant to me impelled me to paint a figa. I wanted to render one that is feminine but in a different way than the one I bought. Here is my painting:


It is based on my own hand, which is not what some people think of as feminine. But it’s my hand: strong, somewhat androgynous, a hand that does a lot of work, and has been weathered by it.

All our bodies are sacred, exactly as they are. All our bodies are sacred, each in their own individual ways. Our bodies are holy in all their phases and in every moment of the day. In these truths, we find power throughout the day and the seasons of our lives.

In knowing our bodies are sacred, we find powers that may seem unrelated to that knowledge. For example, we might find greater confidence in our reasoning or trust our hunches more. We might believe more in our overall competency when facing life’s many challenges, whether they are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, professional, personal, creative, …

Goddess Diana, your strega thanks you. (Strega means a witch who practices traditional Italian magic. Diana is a Goddess many a strega honors.)

Check out The Figa: Reclaiming Women’s Power and an Italian Amulet:

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Not Postponing Joy

Enjoying the Gods’ Gifts to Me:

Not Postponing Joy

Whether building a life or a piece of art, sometimes it’s only in the process of creation that we discover exactly what we want to make, what we find beautiful and meaningful, and how to achieve it.

Bought a huge copal bead. It’s like holding sunshine and the rest of the cosmos in my hand. Was going to string it, but thought I might just use it as the best worry stone ever.

Couldn’t decide.

Then I quickly threw a temporary pendant together, using the copal, so that I’d have that beautiful sunshine on my person all day. This meant I could easily touch the copal throughout the day, enjoying its smooth, buttery, warmth against my fingers. I wasn’t crazy about the necklace, but adoring the necklace wasn’t the point. The point was to take my time deciding whether to use the copal as a worry bead, necklace, or whatever else, while enjoying the bead in the meantime.

It’s been a few weeks now. Guess what? I love the necklace, exactly as it is. Its simple design makes me happy. I’m keeping it as is.


The whole process got me thinking, and there are two lessons here for me. The first one focuses on the creative process. If an artist waits for the perfect idea before starting to create something, they might never manifest anything. Sometimes, it’s only in the process of creation that we discover exactly what we want to make, what we find beautiful and meaningful, and how to achieve it.

So if you’re stuck creatively because you lack the “right” ideas, just start making something, even if it’s not your ideal goal. The process of creating something will likely give you the exact ideas you long for.

The first lesson is fairly easy for me to apply, but the second one is something I have to really work at in some parts of my life. The second lesson is to apply the process outlined in the first lesson to all parts of my life: to create as full a life as possible, I want to work with what gifts my Gods have so generously given me, instead of putting off living until I have the perfect idea. It will come to me if I do what I can now. So mote it be.


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Upcoming Event: Good Luck Triple-Whammy

Lucky3LuckBigSqDo you ever wish your luck was better?

Did you know witches can create good luck?

I will do that for you.

Throughout the universe is a flow of abundance, confidence, love, and life’s other goodies, including magical power, heart-healing, and whatever else you long for. Good luck is simply a matter of being nestled into that flow. I make that happen for you!LuckSqr I send you long-distance direct spiritual transmissions, three days a week, for two months, nestling you into luck’s flow.

Starts September 28.

You don’t have to do anything for the transmissions to work. I do the work for you.

LuckSqrGood luck is only useful if you take advantage of it. So, along with good luck, the blessing also boosts your ability to be proactive about reaching your goals. This transmission is a double whammy! You become more able to make both spiritual and mundane efforts on your own behalf.

Two months of mojo—that’s some powerful magic working for you.

Witchcraft has been suppressed because it frees and aids the rebels, the oppressed, and the wild ones. My entire life has been about using my magic for you.

The transmission is probably all you need to stay lucky for a while. But why take chances? LuckSqrGet a triple luck whammy: you also receive a full-color, digital, good luck charm. It is my original art, painted in trance, and I magically activate it especially for you. The charm helps ensure luck stays as long as possible.

Receive your digital amulet as a JPEG by email. (I retain full copyright of my art. Commercial use of the piece is available at additional cost.) I email you instructions on how to receive the charm’s blessing effortlessly.

Pay securely with PayPal. Which of the following options works for you?

LuckSmSq1) Pay now using the Pay Now button below, and you’re taken care of. Total fee: $260. You don’t need a PayPal account.

LuckSmSq2) Use the Subscribe button below to make two automatic monthly payments of $130. Easy! Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account.

Even if you’re a lucky person or powerful witch, do you need a boost? Please let me use my witchery for you. A spell for your good fortune will bubble bubble in my cauldron.

Magic is not a substitute for medical care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, call 814-337-2490. I do not discuss this work by email. This magic may not work for some individuals. I can’t give guarantees. Refunds unavailable.

Believe in magic? Tired of frustration, hesitation, and inner debate, instead of power? Buy now.


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Wood-Burning and the Faerie Queen

Aug 16, 2017:

My wood-burning pen arrived today. Here’s my first attempt at pyrography:


Everyone says you should start by practicing on some crummy wood, but I have no patience for that. Plus, I think doing a test piece might make me nervous about doing any subsequent “real” pieces.

So I plunged in, despite the fact that I’d spent so long making the wooden bead I wanted to pyrograph that most people would tell me to not risk ruining it. I’d cut down wild rose that was taking over my property last year—the wild rose here is quite invasive—seasoned some of its branches for a year, then carefully cut a small portion off a branch—the photo shows how small. I did not have the right saw for such a tiny job, so sawing was quite a project unto itself. Then I sanded and drilled a hole in that wee piece to make a bead. Just … one … bead.

But, to me, test runs usually seem like a way to avoid living. And the bead was one of the few options I had at hand for burning.

Plus, I think I tend to learn more when trying to actually make something than by doing test runs. And 99 times out of 100, I have beginner’s luck: the piece in question turns out fine.

Honestly, I loved the bead before the wood-burning, and now I’m not sure what I think about it. But I’m glad I plunged in; now I’m hungry for more.

When I cut the wild rose down, the Faerie Queen was definitely present, blessing the wood as I garnered it. I look forward to the guidance She gives me about how to use my
first bit of pyrography, however flawed it may be. … LOL, if She wants me to bury it as an offering, and I’ve decided I don’t like it anyway, it’s a win-win.

… When a plant in my garden shows its first bloom, I usually leave it on the plant as an offering to my Fey Gods, instead of, for example, plucking the first rose to add to my tea. They’ve made it very clear to me They want that. Hm.

Here’s the other side of the bead:


Like I said, I’m hungry for more. I’m going to find another piece of wood right now and burn it. … Ooh, I have a wooden spatula that I can’t use for cooking because it’s right handed, and I’m left-handed. That’s what I’ll burn!

Later: I decided what to do with my wood-burnt bead. I remembered that giving my old friend Kathleen Marshall my first bit of art when I’m working in a new form has become a tradition for me. So I’ve offered her the bead. It was a little hard to make the offer because it was so much work to make … one … bead …, even before I added pyrography. But my first is hers, in thanks for the support and guidance she has given me as a sister-artist.

I also see this as a way I am offering the bead to the Faerie Queen; I believe Her love of artists is expressed in anyone when they support an artist.

I love the bead now. Sometimes, when starting a new artform, I lack confidence, but all I need is a little boost. Here’s the boost I received:

Kathleen said she loves the bead. Since she’s quick to tell me when she doesn’t like something I’ve made, I trust her when she says she loves something. She also wants to make the bead into a necklace; that’s a big deal because she has impeccable taste.

It’s amazing how much just a bit of honest positive feedback can help. Her remarks gave me so much confidence in my wood-burning. Previously, I could not really see the bead’s virtue once it was wood burned, but once Kathleen said she loved it, I was able to see—actually see when I looked at it—the woodburned bead as a beautiful piece.

She made me so happy. And now I’ve mailed my bead off to the Faerie Queen aka Kathleen.


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Leather Ogham Pyrography


I made myself an Ogham alphabet set on leather, to use for amulets, contemplations, offerings, and divination. Plus, crafting the set in the first place was its own magical spell.

Thank goodness that some new wood arrived, and more is coming! I purchased a woodburning pen recently and, after doing pyrography on the few wooden items that I could reasonably consider for such a use, I am now hungrily eyeing my antiques, window frames, and every other piece of wood in—and of—the house.

Some might say I should go for it, but I know in my gut that, in my case, it … is … a … bad … idea. There are some things it’s wise to never start, because you know you’ll never stop. I don’t want a home in which every last inch is wood-burned.

Luckily, a neighbor gifted me some small maple and oak branches. I can’t adorn them yet because I’m waiting for a new saw suited to sawing wee branches into small segments. My current, mammoth saw makes the job incredibly time-consuming.

Plus my friend SnowStar is sending me some other wood. Thank you, SnowStar, Goddess bless you!

In the meantime, I thought I’d try my hand at pyrography on leather.

The photo shows the result. I think perhaps the leather is bow shot deer.

There are clearly varying degrees of skill in my leather-burning. (This is only my fourth attempt at pyrography.)

After burning some pieces, I switched to a finer point, which did a much better job. These are very small pieces of leather:LeatherOgham2

The scraps on the safety pin in the first photo are duplicates of other pieces, either “seconds” or intentional extras.

I thought I was going to send an extra to SnowStar, but since she’s sensitive to scents I’ve given up the idea. Be forewarned if you’re thinking of leather pyrography: the scent of burnt hide is so repugnant as to be almost nauseating! And the scent is not faint at all, quite the opposite.

I did wash the finished items in soap and water, and then rinsed them in water to which I added essential oils, said essential oils being also used for their magical attributes.

Then, I hung the leather bits outside to air, after which I sprayed them with an exquisite organic frankincense hydrosol, both for magical purposes and to moisten the little rumpled pieces of leather so I could safely iron them flat.

Their smell is okay now, but I suspect they would have to air outside for days to completely lose the burnt hide scent because it is strong. I brought them in after a few hours because I was impatient. I might hang them outside again.

I made them to use them as additions to amulets, amulets unto themselves, and as pieces for contemplation, offerings, divination, and more. I also felt the crafting of them in the first place would be both a contemplation and spell.

I put a hole at the top of each piece, which allows more variety of usage. The holes will also show me, when I’m tossing the leather for divination, which way is up for each figure, since many letters in the Ogham alphabet become a different letter when upside down.


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Bear Claw Talisman

BearClwTlsmn1What story do you not share out of fear?

This bear claw was given to me by a Cherokee shaman who adopted me into his family after I helped his uncle pass over.

… Hm, my life reads like a fairytale. … That makes my stories almost unbelievable. I’ve told fortunes with Gypsies and was initiated in the dungeon of a Irish castle. My mother was a Sicilian witch—before the neopagan movement—and an Indian shaman adopted me. And that’s just for starters!

I did not set out to do unusual things simply because they were unusual. I’m not boasting or trying to appear superior when I tell my stories. They’re the only stories I have. If I hide them, they lurk ashamed.

And, if I try to hold silent out of fear of judgement, my breath stifles, choking back stories that are simply my life. So I tell my tales.

I suspect every individual needs to be able to speak the accounts of their life. And if their day to day is odd, so will be those accounts.

Sometimes, a person must speak a truth of their life not so someone else can hear it, but because the recitation allows the reciter to hear it themselves. They are, possibly unintentionally but nonetheless effectively, singing a sacred song of selfhood, spinning the melody as a powerful and unadorned ceremony of beingness, like a wolf howls at the moon.

BearClwTlsmn3Sure, I keep some stories private because they’re so personal. But discretion and hiding are not the same.

2015Nwsltr2I did not ever try to be “the weird one.” As a child, I desperately wanted to be “normal.” There was a certain style of blouse. “Mom, all the other kids have one, please?! Please?!”

Thank Gods my mom refused me the shirt, in all her eccentric wisdom.

I feel blessed that I grew up to be a shamanic mentor for free spirits like myself. Their company helps me stay sane and continue to celebrate the wild life I’ve led and still lead.

And, as I help them fulfill their wild dreams, I become more and more able to share more of my stories.

What story do you not share out of fear? Fear can be guidance or a hindrance. Do you need to start telling that story or continue to hold silent? Do you need to share it with just one person, or a few, or many? If the latter, how many is “many”? If, on the other hand, you need to share it with one person or a few, who?

If you’re a craftsperson or anyone else who would like to know a bit of my crafting process making the talisman:

For at least a decade, I’ve worn the bear claw in a setting I’d beaded for it, but I started not liking the beading anymore, so I took it apart.

Making the new bear talisman: I spun green yarn from—if memory serves—fibers of silk, bamboo, and maybe wool. It was not my best spinning, and somehow that seemed right to weave into a wee rectangle for this pendant.

The fabric scrap to which my weaving is attached has rosebuds in one of its lower corners. That’s part of why I choose that scrap.

The hanging beads at the bottom are probably obsidian.

I called the amulet “Great Mother of All Things.” When we tell our own stories, we sing all of life into existence, as the Great Mother did and does. So mote it be.


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Magical Activism Class


My fey-touched friend,

Does your spirit insist our wild hearts and all Gaia’s children must be free?

It can be challenging to act on that belief.

Longterm action for change can result in burn out, depression, impotence, and feelings of hopelessness.

ClassSwirlOr we might even refrain from taking any action at all because it feels overwhelming.

Do you feel deep down that it can be another way?

I’m going to facilitate an ongoing circle that will also provide lessons. I created rites so you have a way to 1) keep your spirits up and 2) make a positive difference for All Our Relations by combining your magical efforts with that of the other class participants.

You’ll have the chance for:
* ongoing support tailored to what you need as a unique individual, including self-empowering rites channeled specifically for you
* magical ceremonies with a group of wonderful people to create a better world.

SunnyDotRituals will range from protection of people at risk, to self-nurturance so we can keep fighting the good fight, to evoking Divine guidance that shows what actions on the mundane plane each of us as individuals can take to make a positive difference. During meetings, I welcome suggestions for additional issues the rites can address.

Every session, I’ll give direct spiritual transmissions that tailor themselves to what you need that week, e.g., having your hope restored or gaining confidence. (If you don’t know what a direct spiritual transmission is, you could think of it as a blessing.)

The circle will be mixed level: no prerequisites needed, but adepts will find real power here. I’m a big believer in advanced practitioners and beginners working together. I facilitate such a group in a manner that respects and empowers everyone involved, creates effective magic, and provides substantive lessons for everyone.

Right now, real change requires the collective power of different types of people who want to create a better world.

Enrollment limited to sixteen people. This way, everyone can receive individualized attention, so you get whatever you need. And we’ll be a small enough group that we can cooperate as unique individuals to make powerful magic.

Classes are group meetings by phone: just dial the phone to participate.

WeeSqr3For six months, we meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month, 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, starting Wednesday August 2. Reserve Wednesday Jan 24, same time, for a makeup session, in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned meetings.

Six months allows real work for your well-being and the well-being of All Our Relations, instead of just temporary Band-Aids, and also facilitates powerful lessons about whatever magical, ethical, and personal issues arise. I’m committing to making a difference.

WeeSqr3Total cost for the six months is $450. As always, scholarships, partial scholarships, payment plans tailored specifically to you, and trades are available. Your particular phone carrier may charge you for the call. Charges appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #.

Pay securely with PayPal. Which of the following options work for you?

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send me $450, and you’re taken care of! You don’t need a PayPal account.

2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $225, one now and a second one automatically three months later. Easy! Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. This option is available if you have a PayPal account.

Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved. You receive event phone number, etc., by email. No refunds. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call me: 814-337-2490.

The world needs your magic. Enroll now.

Thank you! Goddess, stay with us in the union of all things.


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