Nettle Sting Therapy


I use nettle sting therapy—I sting myself with live nettle plants—to heal joint and muscle damage.

Before going further, I should explain I am not an herbalist and have no scientific basis for this post. It is not meant to prescribe, cure, blah blah blah, disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer.

What’s more: what is good for my body and mind may be bad for yours. Nettle stings help heal my muscle and joint damage but may exacerbate yours, for all I know. I can’t say what is safe for a given individual. I doubt an herbalist can always say, either. I take responsibility for my use of herbs.

I can’t define what that responsibility would be for someone else but, for me, it includes consulting with an herbalist, reading up on herbs extensively, talking with herbs, learning about my own unique body so I can note if it is being helped, hindered, or hurt by an herb, and listening carefully to my body and intuition. (Ooh, I accidentally came up with four words that start with h: help, hinder, or hurt by an herb. Must use that again.)

I research herbs in terms of my own body. Every body has differences that affect whether an herb will help, hinder, or hurt that body, how often that body can tolerate the herb, and so on. I also research herbs in terms of my own contraindications (e.g., will a given herb mess with me because of a specific pharmaceutical med I am on? … Actually, I almost never take pharmaceutical meds, but I use that as an example because it’s easy to understand). Herbs are natural, but they are also powerful, and act differently on each person. So do your research, then study how your body reacts to an herb.

I share my experience of nettle sting therapy, despite my disclaimers, because our personal tales with an herbal practice have power. Please share yours with nettle sting therapy in the comment field below. Back to the topic at hand:

Starting this treatment, I had almost no guidelines, other than a few from Susun Weed. She explains it is not a matter of pain from nettle stings distracting you from the pain of your illness. I agree.

I also don’t think nettle sting therapy is a matter of pain waking up your body. If, during lovemaking, my lover suggested hitting me so I could get in touch with my body by turning the pain into energy, I’d say no to that practice. It is not congruent with how I’m wired, so the merit of nettle sting therapy is not a matter of pain waking up my body.

Susun quotes modern herbalists as believing nettle stings “bring dormant energies into action.” She also explains nettle barbs inject a healing substance.

She doesn’t say much more that I know of but, if you’re interested, look on page 181 of her book Healing Wise. I’ve read a bit more from her elsewhere about the treatment but can’t remember where. Somewhere I did read that she says to ask the plant if it’s okay to pick it.

If the plant says it is okay, I myself leave an offering. I often spit on the plant. Saliva is precious. I give part of my body in exchange for part of the plant’s body.

Then I sting the area of my body I want healed. I don’t sting near my eyes or anyplace else like that. These are real stings! They’re fierce! If you’ve never been accidentally stung by nettles, let me tell you: these are sharp barbs that can leave a terrible rash.

Here’s where the trick is, for me. The first time I stung myself was incredibly painful. But the agony lasted only three seconds because I immediately intuited that I should not define it as pain and instead understand it as energy.

As soon as I shifted focus to energy, the pain completely left and became the most amazing power coursing through my arms—which is where I’d stung myself—healing and healing them, healing and healing them, healing and healing them, as if the Goddess had laid hands on me. And unlike typical nettle stings, it left no rash! … Since my Goddess lives in plants, it was Her laying hands on me.

I repeated this process once a week for a few months. At the end of that time, my arms were light years ahead of where they had been and stayed that way for about five months until I overused them.

I learned that if I do not focus on feeling the energy till its healing process has played itself out, I do not get the healing, but get a rash. … Well, maybe I’ll get part of the healing if I pay attention briefly to the energy.

After those first three seconds of agony, the treatment was pain-free, at least for the first year. I can’t remember past that.

If you’ve done bee sting therapy, I believe the therapeutic effects of stinging oneself with nettles might be related. I believe some of the same benefits can be found by applying bee wax; a salve heavy with bees wax brought the feeling in my nerve-damaged feet to life and calmed down the nerve-damaged feet of a friend. Thinking about our experiences made me suspect bee’s wax heals nerves, since the commonality in our experiences might be that we both had a nerve healing.

I’ve continued to use nettle sting therapy over the years, and I keep learning along the way. For example, one summer, my body didn’t really want to be stung, but I did it anyway and suffered a terrible allergic reaction.

Nettle stings help heal the serious injuries I so easily sustain due to weakness from multiple sclerosis.

The stings, I am almost sure, also contribute to recovery from the devastating wear and tear that have accrued from MS bit by bit over the years. In keeping with that, I will sting most of my body—perhaps stinging part of myself one day, another part another day, another part another day—to help wake up the energy suppressed from the overall damage of my body so that awakened energy can start healing me.

Again, research nettle sting therapy yourself, talk to an herbalist, talk to nettles, listen to your body and intuition. E.g., you might be too sensitive physically or psychically for this. But, if it’s not right for you, perhaps my experiences will spark an idea that suits you.

Finding stinging nettles is a lot easier for me than for some folks because I live in the country. At first, I used nettles I found along my walks. Eventually, a few volunteers sprang up on my property. I eventually tossed nettles seeds into an area of my property. Nothing happened for maybe a year or two, and then a fair number of nettles sprang up, though not robustly at first.

A friend of mine brings me composted horse manure that has completely broken down into beautiful rich soil. When I put it into pots for my outdoor container garden, nettles spring up in the pots. I weed them out, but they makes me wonder if growing nettles in pots is an option for city dwellers.

Herbs have saved my life, make my life joyful, and are my close friends. I live immersed in them.
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Gender Fluidity and Shamanism

GenderFluidGender Fluidity and Shamanism:
A seven-week ceremony held via teleseminar (group phone-call)

Witches are wild creatures, transcending every limit. I’m a child of the Gods. Their infinite powers are mine.

So gender limits don’t apply to me. Gender limitlessness is an innate part of my magic. Gender limitlessness is innate to me as a Fey being. I choose to embrace my full power as a shaman and person. Join me in a seven-week ritual to:

* Discover, increase, and celebrate your gender fluidity.

* Understand and draw on its otherworldly significance and spiritual potency, to maximize the power of your magic and mundane activities.


Along with additional info about this event, I want to share a bit about my decades-long ever-shifting gender journey as a shaman. I’m sharing it visually, through photographs representing a *few* moments of the journey. That’s why you’ll see pictures of me here and there in this post; a photo essay is woven with the course information.

Usually, gender fluid refers to a self-definition of one’s own gender. We’ll work with that in this rite and go a step further by emphasizing a gender experience, an experience of your gender that is truly your own style, freed from restrictions. I’m not referring to a way of dressing or lovemaking, though they’re included or not according to your choices. I’m talking about a mental, emotional, physical, and otherworldly state of being. This is a birthright that helps you claim your birthright of shamanic and worldly power, beauty, and wholeness of body and spirit.

For this rite, gender fluid will mean both the self-definition and the personal experiences, and that they: are not limited to male and female polarities unless one so desires; include the option of being genderless; might shift constantly; and could include as many variations as there are people—and moments—on the planet.

FDG1986GirlDuring this seven-week rite, you’ll:

* Learn how gender fluidity and shamanism go hand-in-hand.

* Use shamanic tools to release gender fluidity that has been squelched in you.

* Discover and explore your gender fluidity.

* Find out how to bring gender fluidity into your magic to set your shamanic powers free.

* Be empowered to bring gender fluidity into your mundane life to set your mundane powers free.

* Experience living your gender fluidity in sacred states. We’ll enjoy this together as a group, in ritual during our meetings.

The Faerie witch gets full choice regarding gender and hence greater Fey power, Fey beauty, and Fey wholeness.

This ceremony might not be offered again. It is suitable for novices and adepts, and it can be used as one of the qualifying electives required for advanced Third Road training. Teleseminars are group phone meetings: just dial the phone to participate.

SunnyDotThe group meets seven consecutive Wednesdays, noon to 1:00 EST, starting Weds, August 15. Reserve Weds Oct 3, same time, for a makeup session in case I am unavailable for one of the planned meetings.

SunnyDotTuition is $250. Your particular carrier may charge you for the calls. Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone #, etc., emailed to you.

Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal.

If you need more info, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call 814-337-2490. No refunds.

You’ll be really living gender fluidity, whether for the first time or more than ever, in both the mundane and magical realms.

Walk between the stars exactly as you are.


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A Sweet Faerie Child

A Sweet Faerie Child

I’ve met the sweetest Faerie imaginable.


StarJoy is the name of the above Faerie I painted as a present for an eight-year-old friend of mine. I feel blessed to have the ability to do an original painting for my young friend. I’m also grateful because the painting was a doorway for StarJoy to enter my life. I’m stunned (happily so) by this sweet-faced, Faerie child because she’s the most loving and gentle spirit that could possibly exist.

When I paint an “imaginary” portrait, I don’t usually see the face in my mind beforehand. The face emerges bit by bit, and I don’t get to see it entirely until my painting is complete. I don’t get to fully meet the spirit of the being until my painting of them is finished.

Faces I paint usually come from otherworldly realms, not from my imagination. … Well, my imagination is involved in ways. E.g., imagination plugs me into those realms.
Once this painting was finished, I was clearer than ever that fanciful beings I depict come not from my imagination but from Fey worlds. I mean, I was stunned by this particular piece of art for three reasons:

1) All of the face’s details and the way they integrate were so clearly not my doing. The same goes for her body.

2) This little girl’s demeanor is just so sweet and darling and gentle and kind, and is so sincerely all those things, that she’s shockingly—though delightfully—real to me.

3) That her image’s details and the integration of them weren’t from me, and represented a person as exceptionally wonderful as StarJoy, brought home the realization that she is real far more viscerally than would usually occur after I finish a painting, the realization hitting me like a sudden, majestic thunderstorm ringing with brilliant thunder.

I created two versions of StarJoy. The first has the night sky in the background and is at the top of this post. I printed that version for my eight-year-old friend to hang in her home.

I’ll also give her the second version. It has no background and is a jointed paper doll. Here she is under the protective branches of a tree–another of my paintings that is a jointed paper doll—along with a gnome I constructed by needle felting:

Here’s a quick video showing how the doll’s joints move:

If you want to see the vid again after it’s played, click the arrow that’s kind of circular.

Below is a brief time-lapse vid of my painting StarJoy from start to finish, except for her background. … Hm, I might’ve tweaked the figure a bit more after the video.

If the vid seems to pause, I’m probably painting tiny detail. You’ll know the vid has ended when my URL appears. My painting process was atypical because the artwork was intended to be made into a jointed paper doll.

Magic is in everything!


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Upcoming Event

Be Successful, Be Whole, Be Blessed

Receive a Three-Month-Long
Direct Spiritual Transmission
starting June 4, 2018

The World Tree Takes Care of Me, Francesca De Grandis, 2012

The World Tree Takes Care of Me, Francesca De Grandis, 2012

MiniTree2A direct spiritual transmission is a method I use to give blessings. An explanation of that method is toward the bottom of this post. But if you don’t want to deal with all that verbiage, here’s the bottom line: the benefits to you are enormous. Read on:

Receive continual support for three months—constant blessings on your body, spirit, and circumstances.

It is easy to receive this transmission. You don’t have to attend an event or do any work. Just sign up, and I do the work for you!

MiniTreeThe transmission shapes itself to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, even as they change moment to moment. For example, sometimes you need your income to increase, other times you need large inner transformation, other times you need nurturing peace, other times you need a combination of things.

No experience needed. Novices and adepts both are deeply impacted.

I send you this spiritual transmission five days a week, every week for three months. This is big!

You also benefit from a yearlong journey that I am close to finishing: I’m in a private, solitary twelve-month ceremony about the sacred trees of the ancient Faerie Faith. My Gods and the trees themselves want me to do the transmission as I culminate my journey. I’ll also commune with the World Tree. (World Tree is a term some people use to denote all of creation.)

TheWorldTreeTakesCareOfMe2012Detail1You don’t have to understand anything about this tree work I am doing. My point is: my doing it will add power to the transmission. Whether you are only beginning to improve your life, or you’ve already made significant changes for the better, whether you’re in a crisis that requires immense change, or you’re doing well and want to do even better, trees are calling me to do this work for you. The World Tree takes care of us. Your heart’s desires are yours to receive.

Pay securely with PayPal.

Option 1) Choose three easy, automatic monthly payments of $150. Your total cost: $450. Payments appear on the credit card associated with your PayPal account. This option is available if you have a PayPal account. Use the Subscribe button.

Option 2) Pay all up front to save $100. Your total cost: $350. You do not need a PayPal account. Use the Pay Now button.

MiniTreeEither payment choice constitutes enormous savings. Imagine having shamanic support tailored to you throughout the week for three months!

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of enrollment.

If you can’t afford payment, need reduced payment, or have questions about the event, phone me. 814.337.2490. No refunds, but you can cancel your subscription any time.

Wonder what I mean by “direct spiritual transmission?” I don’t know how anyone else does one, but I can describe what I do: I enter an altered state whereby others benefit enormously. I do not do anything to you. I do not inject you with energy, rearrange your energy, or even dust off your aura. I feel it would be unethical, dangerous, and arrogant to go about rearranging someone. I was simply born a human good luck charm. When I go into a certain altered state, the luck activates. I do not decide what the best results for the recipients of the luck should be. It is their luck, not mine, so the luck transforms them and their lives in the ways they most need and want.

A direct spiritual transmission does not substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatment. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This spiritual treatment is extraordinarily effective, but may not work for some individuals.

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Faerie Shamanism: an Ecstatic Path

Third Road Faerie Shamanism:
An Ecstatic Path

A Seven-Week Teleseminar, 2018

The Goddess proclaims,
“All acts of love and pleasure are my rite.”

The Generous Sun, Francesca De Grandis, 2013

The Generous Sun, by Francesca De Grandis, 2012

Are you trapped in gray dullness and want to break through to joy and fulfillment? Or maybe you enjoy life full-tilt but want to take it up a notch? Or perhaps you’re somewhere between trapped and already happy?

If your heart feels called by a Pagan path of joy, prosperity, beauty, self-worth, and confidence, and you want ecstatic experiences, this teleseminar (class via group phone call) provides experiential wisdom-lessons available nowhere else. Click here to enroll.

Learn the skills and rituals of a practical mysticism that increases pleasure, abundance, and peace. Gain the material satisfactions of an ecstatic practitioner and embrace wholeness, without being snared by addictions or illusions.

Be led in an adventure: an internal exploration toward your fullest self. You’ll discover—or discover new layers of—your power to celebrate life, sexuality, and sacred playfulness. During our journey, the Gods guide you safely and compassionately through life’s challenges.

Curriculum includes ecstatic ritual, Faerie cosmology, theoretical basics of Celtic Shamanism—Third Road Faerie style—and some of its more complex aspects.

The lessons also help you discover or deepen your Fey magic: Celtic Faerie Shamanism expresses itself differently in every practitioner. My job as a teacher is to help you build that personal expression, while I also provide techniques for your magical tool box.

Are you on a unique journey? This course steadies your feet.

Lessons are suitable for novices and adepts.

An Ecstatic Path is a prerequisite for advanced Third Road training.

Classes are group phone meetings: just dial the phone to participate.

SunnyDotThe group meets seven consecutive Tuesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, starting Tues, February 6. Reserve Tues March 27, same time, for a makeup class in case I am unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

SunnyDotTuition is $250. Pay half price, if you’ve taken this class before. Your particular carrier may charge you for the calls. Click here to enroll. Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone #, etc., emailed to you. No refunds. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call me: 814-337-2490.


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Upcoming Event


Receive a Bounty of Blessings

Be Blessed by a Five-Day Yule Ceremony
Performed for You

You don’t have to attend an event or do any work. Just enroll, and I do the work for you. It is easy to receive this blessing.

During Solstice week, I’ll perform a five-day ceremony. Drawing on Solstice week‘s gorgeous powers and on the Winter Queen and King’s ever-loving generosity, this rite:
* heals inner blocks that sabotage your happiness
* helps create abundance
* provides you with spiritual rejuvenation
* centers you into what’s truly important to you—your heartfelt desires

Those four benefits improve many areas of life. Here are a few examples, which might not be relevant to you but do illustrate far-reaching possibilities of improvement:
* creativity
* ability to make boundaries
* earning a good living doing what you love
* self-love
* confidence
* ending isolation
* healing SADD
* avoiding the snare of holiday dysfunction

The energy of the ceremony shapes itself to your specific needs.

I do a spell to help your life and your enjoyment of it advance … to the max. Whether you celebrate any type of holidays this season or not, whether you’re with loved ones on the holidays or not, I want to help you enjoy yourself now and long after.

Benefits last long after the Solstice—for months, if not years—helping your New Year be one in which you find joy and the means to make the life you want to live.

The ceremony starts December 17. The five days during which I do the rite will be spread out over the week Yule occurs. Yule, which is a major Pagan holiday, is a powerful shamanic time.

Total Cost: $100. Scroll down to enroll: enter your phone number and pay securely with PayPal.

Pls provide yr phone number.

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration.

If you need more info or want to discuss scholarship, partial scholarship, payment plan, or trade, do phone me at 814.337.2490. Magic is not a substitute for medical care by a physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This ceremony is extraordinarily effective but may not work for all individuals. No refunds.

Benefit from magic spun for five days for you.

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